Montreal a go! Pt.8

After our fun morning at the Biodome, we were ready to get our grub on! Montreal is known for 2 foods. Smoked meat and poutine! On this trip, we were only able to try their poutine.

What is poutine, you ask? For my American friends that do not know, it is a very popular Canadian food that is MUCH loved. A poutine is basically made of fries covered on cheese curds (usually mozzarella) and SMOTHERED in gravy. The hot gravy melts over the cheese curds and clings to the fries to give you ooey-gooey cheesy GOODNESS. Mmmmmm….

Anyways, almost everyone makes this dish differently. The most classic is made of those 3 ingredients, but you can have a lot of variety by adding different toppings such as shredded meat or sliced onions. The quality of the poutine comes from how good the fries can hold up to the hold melted cheese, the thickness of the curds, and the kind of gravy you use.

Moving on, during my research, I found a place that is very popular. Not only do they have a huge variety of poutines as well as other foods, they are open 24hrs which is rare for any sort of sit down restaurant that is not a fast food chain.

This place isn’t close to any subway station, so it took us a while to find it, when we figured out the right direction…I’m sure there’s a bus that takes you there, but I just didn’t have enough time to familiarize myself with the busses. Also, it’s on a one-way road so that would’ve been tricky to navigate anyways.

So, it took us about an hour to get to this place from the Biodome. About 15-20 mins of that was walking in the freezing, blistering cold.

As expected of popular place in Montreal, there was a line out the door. A very long one that didn’t move very fast. We were cold and hungry but there didn’t seem to be any places around to eat. We noticed we could order it for takeout, but we didn’t know of where we could settle down to eat it, so we stayed in line to wait for a table.

At 1:40pm, we are finally seated! The place is PACKED and bustling.

Duffy was really cold too.

I wanted to show a better picture of my Dooney and Burke Disney wristlet.

We sat there, deciding what to eat and settled on a poutine each, plus I felt like getting a club sandwich out of nowhere….

So we’re seated at 1:40pm, but didn’t get any service until 2:20pm. We were really hungry, but it WAS super crowded and busy. While we waited, we started chatting with a couple at the table next to ours. There was literally, about a feet of space between our tables. We found out they were also from Toronto and that they had arrived that day.

We told them about what we learned of the city and the restaurant times and the Biodome. Turns out, they bought a ticket to Montreal out of a whim the night before and knew almost nothing about the city. We actually started talking to them when they asked their waitress about Family Day, which was the next day. In Ontario, we recently got a new holiday in February. The waitress was confused and I piped in and reminded the couple that there is no Family Day in Montreal, but that most museums and stuff were closed on Mondays during the Winter anyways.

We had a really nice chat with them and they left around the time our food arrived.

YC ordered the T-Rex which has sauage, pepperoni and bacon.

I ordered the Poutine Jago which has mushroom, ground beef, onion and pepper sauce.

I also ordered this turkey club.

It was TOO MUCH FOOD. We had no idea the portions were that big. Had we known better, we would’ve ordered one to share. It was very yummy and we enjoyed it. They weren’t the best poutine we’ve ever had. The fries weren’t that great, they lacked cheese curds, and with all the toppings, it didn’t taste much like poutine. Just..fries with all sorts of food dumped on top.

The turkey club…was a bad idea. Not only was it too much food, it wasn’t good at all. I expected turkey slices, not shredded turkey. Who puts that in a club sandwich? It was too messy to eat and the turkey was DRY. The coleslaw that came with it was pretty average. It made the sandwich taste only slightly better.

The verdict? I won’t be returning. We left around 3pm and there was STILL a long line waiting to get in. Unless I was coming with someone who’s never been. But if they really wanted poutine, I know a place in Toronto that makes a great plate.

We had decided the night before to visit the Montreal Eaton’s Centre to buy something warmer for me to wear. I had only packed skirts and thin tights, which was a very bad idea. We had no troubles finding this mall because like the one in Toronto, it’s connected to the subway! Hooray for indoor paths!

I just wanted a picture with the name of the mall on it

Looks a lot like the one in Toronto, only smaller.

I thought this was interesting because in Toronto, there’s an accent grave over the first “E” in the sign for this store.

I was able to pick up some thick leggings to wear under my skirt. They were a lot cheaper than a new pair of pants…yes I’m cheap.

We wandered around the mall some more, just window shopping. Of course, whenever we see a games store, we have to stop. YC picked up an expansion pack for the board game, Pandemic. It’s a very fun game and highly recommended for groups! There’s only 2 ways to win but SOOO many ways for the game to beat you! Basically, you’re cooperating with the other players to cure the viruses that have spread throughout the world. the expansion pack makes it even more challenging and there’s an option to play as a biological terrorist.

We returned to the hotel at around 5pm and took a nap. We had initially planned to go to Pointe a Calliere after our lunch, but the cold pretty much hijacked our plans. Since we didn’t get a chance to go to the Planeterium the night before, we wanted to catch it tonight. We ate our lunch leftovers for dinner and headed out at 6:30pm.

When we got to the subway, we bumped into that other couple again!! They were having trouble with the ticketing and we helped them solve it. They were about to head back to their hotel and asked us what we were upt to. We told them we were going to see the Planeterium show and they decided to tag along!

So we all went to the Planeterium. I apologize profusely for this but I didn’t take ANY pictures of the place! I’m not sure what was wrong with me…I wonder if I thought it was too dark? No….Well, here’s a google pic for ya.

We were there for a very empty English showing of a tour through the Milky Way. I really enjoyed learning about the constellations and about light pollution and all that. Our….story-teller I guess? was very good and it felt like I was getting a good lecture. He must’ve been a prof because he sounded like one.

After the show, the other couple wanted to get something to eat and asked us if we wanted to join them. We had already kind of “eaten” but they were unsure of how to use the subway, so we decided to eat together after all. A friend of theirs recommended an Italian restaurant on Rue Crescent (the nightlife disctrict of downtown) so we headed there.

I noticed this one the walk there.

We went to Weinstein and Gavino’s. It was a very nice restaurant and the service was superb. We were seated immediately near the window. The walls were lined with wine racks and the lights were dim.

After we were seated, they brought us some bread and 2 plates with pesto on one and concentrated red wine on the other. Our server then poured some olive oil from a little jug that was sitting on our table on both the plates.

I don’t know why this picture is sideways…

It was so fancy!!!

I ordered the Caprina pizza which had basil pesto, spinach, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts.

It was DE(capital)-licious!!!!! Not oily, very fresh, and SOOO flavourful. I still dream of this pizza. I can’t wait to go back for it.

They had a Sunday night special for their dish, Osso Bucco. Milanese style braised veal shank, gremolata, spaghetti al burro with a glass of wine for $20! So that’s what YC ordered.

Again…it was incredible. The veal was melt in your mouth and the spaghetti was cooked to perfection. We both enjoyed our meals very much. We decided against ordering dessert because I really wanted to go to a crepes place. There was one right around the corner from our restaurant, so we headed there after settling the bill.

I’m not sure why, but we never took a picture with our traveling companions.

We went to Paris Crepe and orderd a simple and plain Sugar and Butter crepe. But since I was too eager to dig into it before I took any pictures, here is the Banana and Nutella crepe of the other couple.

We all really enjoyed our crepes. It was much better than the crepes I’ve had in Toronto. It had a very nice light sweet taste and the crepes were very thin, as they should be. The ones in Toronto that I’ve had were on the thicker more pancake-like side.

Overall, it was SO MUCH FUN to have some traveling companions! Especially since we met these people just that day. We had a great time chatting with them but didn’t exchange info or anything. We parted after dessert and headed back to our respective hotels for some sleep. We got back close to midnight and went to sleep around 1am.

Coming up next: For the love of SCIENCE!


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  1. A. says:

    This is a very long – ongoing trip report for something that occurred in like four days?? But nonetheless… entertaining to read!
    Aw can we go have poutine at Smokes sometime?

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