Montreal a go! Pt.7

This next ecosystem was just a giant room with a cliff side, TONS of seagulls and a large pond/lake thing. It was beautiful.

Oh yeah, McDuff wants in

He also wanted to try out this telescope, which turned out to be just a metal tube.

See? We’re totally two halves of a whole. If you look at what I’m holding in my right hand, you’ll see my awesome Disney D&B wristlet that Danica helped me get!


This was my first time seeing them in real life.

This one was such a show off, swimming upstream.

Hey ladies, look at what I can do. *paddle paddle*

Um…are these a breed of puffins…? Or just grand puffins?

Not sure…

SO MANY PUFFINS!! I wanted to take one home.

Hey, these are just like in Happy Feet!

Apparently, they were molting.

When they’re molting, they just stand around.

I guess this boogeying one didn’t get the memo.

Hey, you looking at me?

Sheila’s MY girl! So you better go home!

That’s not what she said LAST NIGHT!

Hey, how’d you guys get up there?

So yeah….we spent quite a lot of time watching them. The ones that weren’t standing around waiting for their feathers to molt, they played in the water. But there was something strange going on that we couldn’t capture with the camera.

Pengiun 1 wanted to go in the water. Pengiuns 2 and 3 came over for a drink, and blocked Pen1′s way. Pen1 backed off a bit, but tried again, but Pens2 & 3 chased him back. Pen4 shows up and wants to get in water too, but doesn’t like Pen1 either. So then all 4 fight and Pen5 sneaks into the water while no one is watching.

That’s pretty much the end of my Biodome pictures. They had a little dino exhibit on the bottom floor but nothing too interesting. This didn’t take more than 2 hours, and we took our time too. Still a lot of fun.

Narwhal! Narwhal! Yes, I’m thinking of that song.

Look, McDuff made a new friend!

McDuff VS The Raccoon. Don’t tell McDuff, but my money’s on the big one.

On our way out, we found this HILARIOUS.

Why only american coins? Could this machine REALLY tell? How many American visitors do they get here?

Coming up…Just how good is this poutine anyways?


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11 Responses to Montreal a go! Pt.7

  1. A. says:


    And Happy Feet is coming out soon!

    And is the app you are talking about that randomizes restaurants for you.

  2. A. says:

    And sorry for the double post but to answer your question, yes, different phones have different apps.
    For example – almost all available apps are for the iPhone. Android (HTC Legend OS) is also getting more and more apps and you can just look for it in the market when you get your phone. Amanda’s phone (windows) has like little to no apps. While Kenny’s phone (Nokia) is like in between your phone and Amanda’s.

    And yeah back to your post – WHY ONLY AMERICAN PENNIES?

  3. Clinton says:

    I think they should let you have Penguins as pets. They would be ever so cute!

  4. Rachel says:

    Omg, the puffins are so cute!! They have such a cute name too. xD I don’t think I even knew they existed before today.

    I really enjoyed reading your captions, by the way.

    • yuki yuki says:

      Haha, thanks a lot!

      They’re ADORABLE. They look too cute to be real. I know a publisher uses their image, but I didn’t know we could find them here at the Biodome.

      YC had his own version of the captions. We were basically narrating the photos as we took them, haha. Thanks for reading!

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