Montreal a go! Pt.6

In a little nook, there was teeny little creature out on a branch, grooming himself. We took a LOT of pictures but was never able to get a good one. Extremely cute thing it was. This took all the zoom I had.

You get the picture.

After the bushy part, there was this little cave tunnel you go through, but the walls were lined with glass and on the other side of the glass was half a cave FILLED WITH BATS. Just flying around and towards the glass, and hanging from the cave ceiling. We tried to get a good picture, but it was so dark in there.

I could’ve spent over an hour just watching them. I LOOOVE bats. I’ve never seen them so close like that! I mean, I’ve seen the Animal Kingdom ones, but those ones are hardly ever flying. These little ones were just fluttering all over the cave. Adorable little things!

I wonder if I would make a good bat.

Duffy wants to be a bat too.

We stepped out of the cave and entered another warm area. Oh no, this croc wants McDuff!

Aww, it just wanted to hug him but didn’t have any free arms. It’s ok, I forgive you.

I noticed there were a lot of arts students around, just sketching the animals.

Aww, they’re just laying there. Although they WERE more active than the ones on the Kilimanjro Safari in Animal Kingdom.

These two were just so sweet. It seemed most of the birds on the branches were in pairs.

Hey, there he is again!

Total show off this one.

It was extremely amusing watching this little baby trying to catch him.

We then entered into the northern ecosystem. Probably the Boreal forest part.

This is one of those interactive info screens, but it crashed.

As soon as entered the wooded area, we saw this active little guy. Man, I REALLY wished we could’ve videotaped him. ADORABLE.

It looks like he’s saying, “Leave me alone, mom!!”

There was a glass separating us, but we were still very close.

We then met this little porcupine up in this tree and wondered how it got there.

(I recently found out that porcupines are TREE animals. Fascinating)

It was just lounging around, taking a nap.

We came across a part that showed up a linx habitat. I’ve always loved these felines because of their ears and their little bob tails. We had a hard time getting a picture of him/her because there were bars behind the glass that separated us. We were trying to figure out how to focus on the background.

Here’s one of the failed attempts.

I’m not sure how he did it, but he finally got it to work!

Hee, cat butt. YC’s pretty good at getting pictures of animal butts.

Gorgeous eh?

The next one was a watery ecosystem I guess? There were some fish, but I was mesmerized by the anemone. Like Nemo, I have a hard time pronouncing it.

From the top!

And starfish too!


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  1. A. says:

    What big ears you have!

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