Sakura Saaaakuraaa…

I’m thinking of that Sakura song I know. From an anime. Digi Charat. LOVE that show.

So, a couple of weeks ago, when the cherry blossoms at High Park were in full bloom (finally), YC and I took a visit to take pictures and to just enjoy being outdoors after the horrible winter/early spring we had to endure.

Here are the pictures we took!

The cherry blossoms looked pinker in real life, but are very white in my pictures. Still VERY pretty.

In an obligatory Asian pose cause there were a LOT of Asians around doing this pose and I felt left out.

There was a lot more people than what you’re seeing. I just had to wait a bit for them to leave, but I just can’t escape it.

EXTREME close-up!

YC wanted a picture too.

So there is the large grove of cherry blossom trees, but there were also some littered around the place, all alone. This is one of them, off in the distance.

We walked all the way down there to keep it company. I told YC to hug it, but it looks more like he’s being attacked.

On our way up, we noticed this sign…

I’m glad we managed to avoid that…

We did a little more walking and found this beautiful one just on top of a hill. There were people around, so YC and I sat on a bench across the road and waited.

Then, another couple came over and they were having a full on photo shoot with the woman BENDING THE BRANCHES and SITTING ON THEM and shit. I was mortified. I think it deformed the tree. The man even shook up the tree to make the petals fall faster. WTF, leave the tree alone, it JUST blossomed!!!

after 20-25mins, we took this shot.

We showed up the day before when it was a lot sunnier. We didn’t have time to stay long, but we saw at least 5 groups of Japanese people enjoying hanami. It was nice.


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2 Responses to Sakura Saaaakuraaa…

  1. A. says:

    Wow lovely pictures!! Reminds me of the time we went.
    Speaking of High park, we should do another picnic there.

    I think they should bring their own fake petals and make that fall instead of shaking a tree. geez. If everyone just shook the tree, the trees would be petal less in a week.

    Don’t worry. Temporary layout is …well.. temporary.

    • yuki yuki says:

      Yeah, we should definitely do a picnic there!

      I wanted to beat them for what they did to the poor tree. You can tell that the branches don’t go that long, but they bent it all the way to the ground, to sit on it for a pose. WTF.

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