Montreal a go! Pt.5

These next few posts will be heavy on pictures. Most of the time, it was just too darn cold to write anything down, so I’ll have to rely on pictures to tell my tale.

Our second day started off bright and early at 9am. Haha, that would be considered sleeping in at Disney! Ok side note, I just realized that I don’t think I’ve ever slept in past 9am on vacation, except for those 2 days at Disney. My family has always been a “go go go” type of vacationer even when we weren’t with a tour group that makes us wake up at 6am EVERY DAY. Even back in China when we didn’t really have plans for that day but we had to get up for dim sum anyways cause Chinese people wake up at ungodly hours.

Guys, I miss kindergarten. Ok, moving on!

Our plan for today was to visit the Montreal Biodome, eat at a famous 24hr poutine place and catch the Planetrium show we missed last night. Our original plan for today was the Biodome in the morning then the Musuem of Architecture in the afternoon, but the cold kind of defeated that…Will explain more later.

So we both attempt to pry ourselves out of the most comfortable bed we’ve ever slept on. They had an ipod alarm clock in the room which I docked Fanta on and we were waken up by the sweet sounds of Darren Criss from GLEE seeing Teenage Dream. Ahh, sweet bliss.

We get dressed and head down to the FREE breakfast at 9:30am. I wish I had pictures, but the breakfast room was a tiny little space that looked like a regular kitchen+dining room in a regular house minus the stove. It was a very intimate space and I just didn’t want to alarm the other people by taking pictures of them. I mean, it wasn’t of THEM, but they would definitely be in it and some people have a problem with that.

It had a great spread of hot and cold foods though. They had different kinds of toast, a toaster, bagels, other baked goods, oatmeal, hot water, coffee machine, a mini fridge filled with yogurt and cream cheese, 3 kinds of juice, 3 kinds of cereal, bowl of fruit, hard boiled eggs, and a hot pot of breakfast beans.

I had toast with cream cheese, coffee, a bit of the beans because I’ve never tried breakfast beans, an eggs and some cranberry juice. I regret not getting more beans cause it was really yummy! YC just had cereal, organe juice, yogurt, coffee, and a banana. I know how much y’all wanted to know about this.

For a free breakfast, it was very good. :thumbsup2

We left for the Biodome around 10am (lol, I’m just looking at my notes now and I accidentally wrote “10pm”) and got headed for the subway. Here’s YC and McDuff all ready for another day of adventure!

Here comes the car!

It took us 45mins to get there. It looked a lot closer on the subway map… There was no confusion at all getting off this station. Since it’s a big attraction, there were signs around. This station is also kind of remote looking, so really, you step outside and you can see there’s only the Biodome, the Insectarium and a theatre around.

We thought the name was interesting cause in English, it’s Silvercity.

That little blue arrow sign is for the subway.

The Biodome is that big round dome there.

It’s a lot bigger in real life.

Um…I know you can ride an elevator um this thing to get to an observation deck. There’s an Insectarium and stadium and stuff. Sorry but I didn’t do much research on this other place.

Heading in!

Ok, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before but it seems that most of Montreal don’t clear the ice off their sidewalks. Walking ANYWHERE was a strenuous task of watching where you were stepping to make sure you don’t slip and fall. I would think they would at least clear the walkways around big attractions, but nope. In Toronto and Waterloo (can’t vouch for anywhere else), you get a fine from the city if you don’t clear the sidewalk outside your house!

After we bought our tickets and headed into the Bio part of the dome, we realized how steamy hot it was, so we decided to check our jackets after all. When we came back to the entrance, there was a giant group of Chinese tourists probably part of a bus tour that was there. We were going to head in ahead of the group because they still had to get something done, but the tour leader stopped us and asked us where we were going…lol, it was kind of funny. We told him we weren’t part of the group. I don’t blame him. We all look alike.

So once we entered, we see this little display.

Not sure what it was for, but it was cute.

The first ecosystem we entered was the tropical one, which explains why it was so steamy hot. I wish I had videotaped this place. It was incredible! Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The animals were very close to you with no nets and birds were just flying around and walking the paths that the people were walking on.

We also spotted this sign.

Is he up there?


YC and I have a strange fascination with sloths…I accidentally bumped into some other people trying to look for this sloth. Alas, it was not meant to be. Next time sloth!

This is the bird that was wandering around on the path.

You can tell it liked the attention.

These two birdies were very cute together.

Oh look, it opened its wings!

Oh my gosh, it’s a capybara!!!

They’re SOOOO cute!!!

I hope you get a sense of how close these animals are. No zoom was used in those photos.

Hey, maybe the sloth is up THERE.

This place is just fantastic. I would say it rivals Disney in terms of the theming.

It’s my favourite flower, Bird of Paradise!

Hm…I think YC missed the point of me wanting a bigger picture of the ecosystem.


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2 Responses to Montreal a go! Pt.5

  1. Clinton says:

    I want a capybara. I’d settle for a koala though.

    You’re such a better tourist than me. I kept forgetting to take pictures.

    • yuki yuki says:

      Have you seen koalas in China yet? I heard the zoo is GINORMOUS.

      Well, I learned how to be a trip-reporter from being on the Disboards. Also, I took all these pictures so I could tell my Dis friends about my trip. I also took trip NOTES. You would be boggled.

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