Montreal a go! Pt.4

The restaurant we ate at was called Holder.

If you looked at their menu’s cover page, you would not have thought this place was as fancy as it is. I was about to take a picture of it, but I think I forgot…

The service here was excellent. We had no language problems at all. I greeted them with a friendly “Hello!” and they asked if I’d like the English menu. All the restaurants we visited had an English menu so ordering should not be a problem at all.

They asked if we’d like to start off with wine, but we just wanted water because we were so thirsty from walking so much. They brought us out a basket of sliced bread. YC liked the crunchy ones but I prefered the chewy baguette.

The ambience was also very nice.

We started off with a bowl of soup that we shared. This is the cream of asparagus soup with ham and crab.
It tasted like home. I’ve never had this soup before but it just completely warmed me up. It tasted very…comfortable…if that makes sense. You could taste hints of crab and ham, but there were no bits. We loved it and finished every last drop.

For our main, I ordered the preserved duck leg with roasted potatoes and arugula with white trufflie oil.

I LOVED my meal. The white truffle oil was extraordinary. Normally, fresh arugula is very bitter. It had the perfect amount of oil to make it sweet and savoury. The potatoes were crisp but not crunchy. The duck leg was very tender and fell right off the bone and was perfectly seasoned. Everything tasted better with the truffle oil.

It was so good, that YC suggested we buy a bottle when we got home. Which I did just a few weeks ago. I made linguini with alfredo sauce and a touch of truffle oil and it was HEAVENLY.

For YC’s main, he ordered the hangar steak with potatoe puree (mashed tators) and grilled onions.

He loved his meal too. We’ve never heard of this kind of steak but it was delicious. It was very tender and it had a smoky taste we’ve never tasted before. The mashed potatoes were pretty average.

Overall, we had a great meal at this restaurant and would definitely recommend it for those that are not afraid to try new foods. The menu was pretty limited, but everything looked REALLY good. YC and I have pretty open taste buds and are always trying foods we can’t get at home. Their dessert menu was MASSIVE though. Took up half a page. That’s so unusual to see because most restaurants I’ve been to usually have up to 5 desserts max, and it’s usually just some sort of apple dessert, an ice cream dessert, one or two types of cakes, and one or two types of pies.

At the end of our meal, we learned our server’s name. I had to share this with the DIS.

“Vous avec ete servi par: Giuseppe” equals “You have been served by: Giuseppe”!

We finished at 7pm, so we walked back to our hotel to digest our meal. We were hoping to catch the planeterium show closeby, but it starts at 7:15pm so we wouldn’t have made it in time.

When we got back to our room, I made sure to look up the hours for the other restaurants on my list. Many of them were open until late at night, but none of them mentioned being closed during the afternoon. I also looked up a mall so I could buy myself some warmer clothes. I was NOT prepared.

Around 8:30pm, I had a hankering for dessert, so I found a highly reviewed dessert place on and headed out.

This is the little indoor path we took to get to the subway station close to our hotel.

They looked like veins…which were pretty creepy.

There was an arts store right there too.

Man, look at how spacious their tunnels are!

This is one of the murals we found.

A rare photo of the two of us on this trip!

So when we got to our stop, we weren’t very sure of which direction to go…so we just headed this way.

These chess sets were very cool. I haven’t played chess in a few years now…

When we came out, it was very pretty with all the lights.

We got a little mis-directed though and were walking the wrong way.

Being mis-directed happened a lot during our trip when we exited the subways. All the signs were in French and they pointed to the buses that were close to the station, but it was never clear to us which direction we were facing. I even tried to use the bus routes to figure out our location but we would always end up walking a block or two to see if we were going in the right direction.

When we had finally found the right intersection, we heard a loud “creeeeaaaak!” and then a *BUMP* sound. We had (sort of) witnessed a collision! There were scraps of the car covering the intersection. A police car showed up within seconds, because we were outside one!

We found the place I was looking for, but it was super packed. I guess that’s what happens when you’re so highly rated on the internet. We decided to just go to a bakery nearby and have dessert there.

We came upon la brioche.Lyonnaise. It was much less crowded and had a lot more space inside the cafe.

I ordered a non-alcoholic pina colada and one of their chocolate cakes, but they didn’t have either. So I ended up going for a custard-layered cake and a mango smoothie.

Here’s me writing down trip notes!

The cake was very yummy. It had a light coffee flavour to it that Andrew and I loved. It was basically a napoleon without the chocolate. The mango smoothie was very fresh but it was not as large as we expected for a $4 drink. It also had too much of an orange juice flavour.

The person next to us had ordered a crepe and it smelled really good. I definitely want to come back to this place to try their other cakes and their crepes.

I wish we had places like these in Toronto. A cafe that serves baked goods, desserts, sandwiches, tea and coffee and other drinks that you can just hang out at. With such variety too! With everything made by the cafe and not bought somewhere else like a lot of cafes that sell those Dufflet cakes.

It was already 10:45pm by the time we finished eating so we just headed back to our hotel for the night.

What adventures await our heroes on Day 2???


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4 Responses to Montreal a go! Pt.4

  1. A. says:

    That cake looks deelish!

    Haha even in Paris, there’s English menus. I think the problem starts when you go to the suburbs where there’s like hardly any tourists. It will all be French from then on. And sadly on our trip, the French were more understandable (for me) than the English.

    I broke the London Disney bag (well it’s fix-able)

    They had mochi and other Japanese desserts oh and we got complimentary macarons!
    And you haven’t seen my macaron haul in Paris. (not a lot but still)

    • Yuki says:

      Is your Paris post up? Nvm, I can go check now.

      Feeling better yet?

      Haha wow….had no idea those English accents would be so hard to understand.

      Oh no, the Disney bag!

      Oooh, complimentary macarons.

      What did customs say about your macaron haul?

      • A. says:

        Lol, nothing! No inspection was done.
        Besides… they had a Laduree shop in the Charles de Gaulle airport!

        I’m feeling better. At work now.

  2. A. says:

    It’s depressing to see snow in your pictures!
    Mind you, looking outside is depressing as well…

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