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When I think of it though, it’s not surprising. They started with a lead and with the timing of this election, it all spelled a victory for the Tories.

Still sucks though. Gonna have to listen to that douche bag for a few more years.

I’m extremely proud of the NDP though. I didn’t vote for them, but I really respect Jack Layton. I can hardly believe they are now the opposition party! I hope they use that position well. It’s so…mind-blowing.

It’s also not surprising that Iggy didn’t win. The man has no charisma and isn’t all that likeable. Sure Harper is a douche bag, but he knows how to play his crowd. Layton has a great presence. Then you have Iggy.

I’m also very proud of the Green Party for getting that 1 seat. Here’s to progress!


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3 Responses to Political ramblings

  1. A. says:

    I like Iggy

  2. Clinton says:

    Despite the NDP’s success, I kind of liked it better before when the Conservatives were stuck in a Minority government. You’re not supposed to be in contempt of parliament, and then have people vote for you. He’s not a rebel, he’s a douche.

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