Montreal a go! Pt.3

Around 10:30am, we reached our first pit stop (potty break as I called it) in Morrisburg!

We still haven’t figured out whether we’re in Quebec yet or not. My guess was we weren’t. This was too far from our knowledge of cities. Most of the people on the bus bought something to eat, but YC and I just went back to the bus earlier.

Which turned out to be a GREAT idea because I found out my recliner was working after all! It was because the person behind me somehow prevented me from reclining when I tried to earlier. I’m sure she didn’t need the leg space, she wasn’t that tall. So I reclined and just ENJOYED it.

It was snowing when we took our break and it just continued to snow. Look how bleak the weather scenery is.

YC’s a lot more well rested after his nap.

After some more time, I noticed a sign for Moulinette rd. It sounds French, so we must be close to Quebec. If it had said “rue Moulinette”, I think I would’ve thought we were in Quebec already.

We entered the province around noon. There were great big signs to take pictures of, but I failed to take one… The bus was going too fast! I also noticed a bus stop right at the on-ramp for the highway. Coool.

When we entered Montreal, I tried to take a picture of ANY sign of the city, but failed yet again. I need to be better prepared for these! Before our trip, I had studied the map of Montreal over and over, so at one point when we were still on the highway, I was able to point out where our hotel was to YC based on where we were. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself. Unfortunately, Montreal didn’t seem to want me to be, cause we got lost A LOT.

We got the bus terminal at 1pm, which is an hour and a half earlier than the expected time!

The station was very nice, with lots of colourful signs. Here’s YC taking out some money from the ATM, with McDuff firmly tucked into his backpack.

McDuff was very snug.

We found the subway with no problem and bought a 3-day transit pass from a ticket machine. We went up to the people in the booths, and they don’t sell tickets there… There was also only ONE ticket machine, so the line was pretty long. We thought it was pretty odd.

The station we were at was one of the main terminals.

I’m not sure what compelled me to do this, but I took a picture of the direction I was going.

Their subway system was extremely easy to understand. It was also very well spread out. It was close to many locations and we used it many times in one day. The subway stations were also very pretty! They had murals in a lot of them, but I forgot to take pictures of some of them. I don’t know if their subway is older of newer than the Toronto ones, but it’s definitely MUCH better.

I had an errand to run before heading to our hotel. My mom wanted me to deliver something to an uncle that worked in Chinatown so that’s where we were headed. I printed out a map provided by which was very helpful during my trip. What I loved was that the streets were actually closer than it seemed! We didn’t have a lot of trouble finding Chinatown because we had to head to the pier and it was pretty obvious. We had planned to take the subway, but it was only a short walk away.

It was FREEZING COLD though. It wasn’t snowing, but it had dropped to way below zero degrees (um..I don’t know what this is in Fahrenheit). I was completely unprepared. I had packed lighter clothing because those liars at the Weather Network told me it would be warm this weekend. I should’ve known better.

When we exited the subway close to Chinatown, a bus had pulled up outside it, but we didn’t need it so we kept walking. As it pulled away, a guy came running out of the subway and after the bus, patting the side of it so the driver would stop, but it kept going. He threw this duffel bag AT the bus before it drove away. Crazy!

We were able to drop off the package and they insisted on taking us out to lunch, but we wanted to drop our stuff off at the hotel first. We exchanged numbers, but we ended up not meeting up again. It was very nice of them to offer to treat us though.

YC saw this cute figure in the window on our way out of Chinatown (which is just 2 streets…it’s pretty small)

We love the roof of this Holiday Inn.

Walking around here definitely brought back memories. Remember, I only have memories of being in Chinatown. I even recognized some of the bridges we used to drive over. It was nice to get a glimpse of nostalgia in a city I barely know.

The mural on wall on the left is GORGEOUS. I regret not taking a better picture of it. It had representations of the different cultures in the city.

One of the many one-way roads in the city.

We had also planned to subway to our hotel, but decided to just walk it. It was pretty close. Thanks to google streetview, we found our hotel with no problem at all!

We stayed at Le Dauphin. Is that French for dolphin? I never found that out.

YC went ahead to check in because we paid for the room with his card.

The lobby was pretty nice.

We found out later that day that we were right across the street from a building that connected to the closest subway station from the inside. This was definitely a great location.

And here are the pictures of our room!

The bed was THE MOST comfortable bed and pillows we have EVER slept on. It had a thick extra blanket, unlike the thin little sheets we’re used to at other hotels. Throughout our stay there, we had to be careful not to get under covers or we would fall asleep.

The bathroom was very pretty.

The shower was pretty cool too. It didn’t have a door, but it was kind of tucked in behind panels of glass.

Here’s the front door from the back of the room.

McDuff is enjoying the bed.

I never got a chance to use the coffee machine, which is a huge shocker for me. This room came with free water bottles.

They also had free wifi, and a computer here we can use!

This is our view from the window. We could see Chinatown from here.

We also saw the roof patio of the building next to ours. It must be really nice in the summer time.

On top of all that, they served a complimentary hot and cold breakfast in the morning. Now, can you guess how much all of this cost?

A whopping….$70/night!!!

This place was VERY highly reviewed online. The price was INCREDIBLE. We were more than satisfied with our room and our stay here. The service was amazing. It was in a great location. I would definitely stay here again. I also highly recommend it to anyone planning a trip to Montreal. Hotel Le Dauphin Centreville Montreal.

We got settled in, YC took a shower and I just enjoyed the room and freshened up a bit before heading out to find food. We were getting hungry. One more thing I needed to do, was to get directions from the internet. Before the trip, I had compiled a list of places to eat based on recommendations and reviews. I wrote down their general location, but I realized I needed better directions.

So after making a new copy of my “restaurants” sheet, we headed down to the lobby, hoping they had a printer in their little business center, but they didn’t. We asked the front desk if there was a printer I could use, and they let me behind their desk to print out my two sheets! I thought that was very nice of them.

And finally, at 4pm, ON TO FOOD!

But will we actually get it???

To be continued…


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  1. A. says:

    Love your trip reports!

    That is a great hotel! Nice price.

    And yes, it does mean dolphin. :)

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