Geocaching…for adventure! (picture overload!)

This past weekend, I went geo-caching for the first time ever with my awesome possum friends. Together, we are Team Rocket. And yes, that’s cool cause it’s nostalgic.

Don’t know what it is? Click here. All caught up? Good.

Along for the adventure was Miga! He’s a whale-bear. Was also a mascot for the recent Vancouver Winter Olympics (GO CANADA!)

It was a beautiful day, and I was all packed up with my mini Roots bag filled with water bottles and Hello Kitty band-aids (cause they’re AWESOME).

YC also came along to make sure I didn’t kill myself climbing hills.

Here are the other members of Team Rocket!

From left to right we have Cappy, A, and Manda. Mr.S also accompanied us, but I think I only got pictures of his back…well, we’ll see as I post the pictures up!

And we are OFF to look for our first geocache. Look at this cute old building.

I have a lot of pictures like these. I’m not a very fast walker.

Our cache is somewhere in this “park”.

Not much to see huh?

There’s that tree there…with a bench.

Hm…is it up here somewhere?

After a LOT of searching around this area with clues like “stairway to nowhere”, Manda finds it! Tucked into this dead tree here.

Under some more dead trees.

On top of this hill.

WTF. It was a very steep hill and the ground was covered in leaves so you had no idea what you were stepping into.

Hooray for Manda!

Yay for our first cache! Group photo of Team Rocket!

Now the rest of the group sans YC.

Oh, here he is.

This geocache was titled “The Pink Elephant”. It was stuffed with pink things. I left a pink flower lip gloss key chain. Yeesh, what a mouthful.

That’s what she said.

Food break for A and Mr.S cause they’re STARVING. Black Camel ftw.

Oh yeah, here I am.

Miga got his own special carrier on our adventure.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

And we’re off to find the next cache! Only a short walk away. Ahh, the weather was gorgeous.

The guys were always so far ahead of us.

Wow…what an obscure little “park”.

Ok…so we don’t need to climb much for this cache, but it’s 10 feet off the ground? No worries, I FOUND IT!!! Hooray for Yuki!

Make sure you remember this.

Group photo time!

Let’s see what’s in this…

Oooh. I left a little pink butterfly key chain. This cache was tricky cause you had to move rocks away to get at it.

Ok, off to our 3rd cache. “Language of Trees”. It looks like a hard one.

That’s what she said.

Awesome graffiti. Did this used to be a mail box or something?

Wow, I’ve never seen this statue(um…structure?) before. I come around here to shop too.

Seriously guys, wait up.

Ok…soo….what kind of tree are we looking for?

Dude….this is really hard… That’s what we ALL said.

I thought this building looked pretty cool though.

Then the guys abandoned us.

We decided to just take a break and look for something else to look for. A and I bought milkshakes a Baskin Robbins and the four of us sat outside it, just chatting. Check out our view.

We planned on checking out Pusateri. Super expensive high quality food stuff. They had some exotic sounding ice cream!

Hey Team Rocket!

Manda really wanted fries (poutine would be better) so we went off in search of them. We happened upon this pub.

We ordered their signature poutine.

It was DELICIOUS. One of the best poutines I’ve ever had. The wedge fries were crispy but soft. The cheese was aplenty and well-melted. The gravy was not too salty and nice and hot.

Miga loved it too.

He also finished off my green tea milkshake.

It was so good, we ordered another round! The service wasn’t very good though. We ordered it from one person, who acknowledged our order, but 20 mins passed and we were still poutine-less. We asked about our food and it hadn’t been ordered….so we ordered it again.

Miga is pleased.

They were running out of plates, so they used baskets.

At this point in our adventure, it was getting really chilly, so I didn’t take as many pictures. We headed off to the Ryerson campus to search for a micro cache. They’re usually the size of a film canister.

It was to be found around the entrance to the Recreation Centre they have on campus. The clue was “There is magic here but you have to make the magic happen. You are the magician. Remember, things aren’t always what they seem.” Something like that. I’m recalling it from memory cause those words played over and over in my head. This was a really difficult one to find!

We touched all sorts of things. Opened up electrical boxes. Pushed around a dead bird (I did), and even tried to lift a street lamp… While searching for this one, another group came by and we all came together to look for it. We shared our clue with them and just scaled the place. We spent a LONG time here.

And guess what? The cache is stuck behind the little white rectangle. It attached with magnets. Magic. Get it?

Here are the high school boys that found it with us. The one on the left was the one to actually discover it.

They’re from a high school we know of! What a small world! Cute boys too.

And here’s the team. See that strip of paper A is holding? That’s it. Just a log.

This one doesn’t really count cause WE didn’t find it. But we helped by sharing the clue!

All the way back there, can you believe it?

Believe in me who believes in you? Belieber? Believe it~! (ok, I’m done)

So, to make up for our evident failure, we went off in search of another cache. Cappy had to leave us at this point, so we say goodbye to her.

On our way, I take a shot of Zanzibar. I’ve known of this place since I was a little Torontonian. It’s an icon.

Wow, this hotel has an awesome water slide.

Ooh, we can see the CN Tower from here!

Hey Manda, don’t walk so fast when you don’t know where you’re going.

Ok….it’s somewhere around here.

It turned into a freakin’ nano cache? Daaang. We were starting to lose power on A‘s iPhone too. This took a LOT of searching of this little island in the middle of a large road. It was REALLY cold at this point. We lifted metal grates. Opened up trash can cages. Touched a lot of stuff we would never have touched if not to find this danged cache.

In the end…..we couldn’t take the cold anymore. We vowed to return on a warmer day. Team Rocket’s blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaaaain!!

Seriously Manda, stop walking so fast. Join us in singing GLEE Christmas songs out loud!!!

We’re really hungry by then. It’s almost 8:30pm! We’ve been out and walking around since 1:30pm. We check in for our reservation at Korean Grill House, but still need to wait 10-15mins. What was the point of making the reservation anyways???

Miga’s ok with it though. He likes drums.

And food.

Mmmmm, what a filling meal. I’ve been craving K-BBQ and this definitely hit the spot. Not happy about their price increase, but am very pleased with their new way of ordering. Much more efficient.

After dinner, A heads home along while Manda, YC and I take the subway uptown. Today was an AWESOME FUN DAY.

YC had a good time too.

I can’t wait to do this again!! Go Team Rocket!!!


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4 Responses to Geocaching…for adventure! (picture overload!)

  1. Anndie says:

    Woot! I had tons of fun!

    I want to make my own cache – not sure if you replied to the email or not.

  2. Anndie says:

    Can’t! LOL it’s at work.

    But anyway, totally random but I was looking at pictures on Amanda’s fb and saw a pic of you with shoulder length hair and this red hairband. Totally suits you!

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