My love affair…

…with GUESS.
Yes, that’s right, it’s a line of clothing and accessories. I’m not a huge fan of their accessories, but I love a good bag (I’m a bag-aholic).

It’s a pretty painful affair too. I can’t even support it to the extent that I would like to. Gives me more incentive to work harder I guess…Hehe, guess.

I’m a shopper. I would even go so far as to say I’m a shopaholic, but not to the point where I’m in debt or anything. I have a lot of things, I like to buy things, and I like looking at how much stuff costs. My favourite part of shopping is trying clothes on.

So then why don’t I have a love affair with other clothing lines? Because those other lines just don’t get me. Well…maybe the people that come up with those cute graphic t-shirts get me, but besides that, they just don’t.

Sometimes I will find clothes that I like in other stores. You know, pieces that look good on me, or make me look good. But GUESS? Baby…it was like they were MADE for me. When it comes to having the perfect fit, GUESS is it.

Now, why would I have such a big problem with fit? Well, I would say I’m thin. Not THAT thin, and not stick skinny. There have been times when I’ve called myself fat, but let’s not get into that. One thing I have that I LOVE about myself, but can sometimes be frustrating, is my chest. I would say I have a larger than average chest for an Asian girl of my overall size.

I’m not trying to show off or anything, this is just the truth of it. Unfortunately, many clothes makers seem to think that girls with my body type don’t exist. They either make clothes that fit my waist but not my chest, or clothes that are wide enough for my chest, but too wide for my waist! Thank goodness for waist belts that have helped solve my “fitting” issue recently.

It’s not enough though. I want to be able to wear a dress without wearing a belt that makes my mid-section sweat (that may have been TMI, sorry). GUESS gets it. Their line is made for girls like me! When I put on a GUESS dress, I sing hallelujah. It fits!! Perfectly! Just wraps around my body without squishing my chest and fitting perfectly around my waist. Ahh, it’s bliss. I’m in love.

What spurred this confession from me? Well, I went to GUESS today, just checking out their new spring clothes and tried on a dress, just for fun. Probably not the best idea. It looked SO GOOD ON ME. Fit me JUST RIGHT. The price? A whopping $118. Woah nelly. I’m not made of money (which sucks). So I had to put it back…and vow to come back when it’s on sale. At the end of summer, when I can’t wear dresses like that anymore and have to wait 6 months for it to be warm enough to again.



It looks even better on me.

I was at the GUESS store two days ago and saw the dress on sale!!! So I bought it for $34 *dances*


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