Montreal a go! Pt.2

The subway was open alright, but the next train to arrive was in 28mins! I should’ve checked the actual times guide! I’m so used to trains coming in 2-3 minutes that I forgot how infrequent it would be at 5:30am.

So YC and I sit down on a bench and just wait. Now comes the infuriating part. At 20 mins until the train is bound to arrive, a train actually shows up. I’m thinking, “YES, they’re early!” We get up, grab our things and walk towards the platform. But wait, what’s this? Why isn’t it slowing down? Then ZOOM, it passes right by us. It doesn’t stop. 19 minutes until the next train. What is going on???

So we sit back down and continue to wait. A few minutes later, another train shows up and we think, “Surely this one will stop for us. What are the odds of two trains within 5 minutes of each other whizzing by?” So again, we get our hopes up. And again, we were shot down. This time, the driver even HONKED at us as he passed by! It was like he was saying, “See ya, suckers!”

So at 10 mins before the scheduled arrival of the train, we see another one heading towards us and we don’t even bother with getting up. THIS one however actually stops for us! Hallelujah! :worship: We’re on our way at 6am!

We got to the bus terminal at 6:30am (JUST AS PLANNED-this is also a Death Note reference) to wait for our 7:30am bus. We couldn’t start lining up yet because people were still in line for a 7am bus, so we just took a seat inside the terminal and waited.

On our way to the terminal, we knew we would be passing by a McD’s and I had planned to grab some breakfast for our trip there, but…it wasn’t open. I thought they opened at 5am for breakfast! Those liars! I’m so hungry.

So instead, I decided to check out the little food stand at the terminal, expecting outrageous prices (and getting them). I bought a 6-inch ham sandwich for $5! At least the coffee wasn’t so bad. $1.75 for a large. I also bought a bag of chips. Hunger was taking over my inherent cheapness.

YC was already falling asleep.

Hey YC, we have to go get in line.

It’s 7am and there are a lot of students in line. Not surprising because it was spring break for a lot of universities and even though it takes longer to get there, it’s MUCH cheaper than taking the train.

While in line, we see that there are two buses going to Montreal. The regular old coach bus, and the brand-spanking new two-level bus with free-wifi! Unfortunately, they start loading the old one first and YC and I are only about 30 people behind in line. The good news is, we were able to find seats next to each other on an already half-full bus! I guess there are a lot of pairs going because solo people always choose to sit by themselves if they can.

I get settled in and turn on Fanta (my ipod) to listen to music while YC instantly falls asleep. I really envy how he can fall asleep at the drop of a hat(why do people say this anyways? Why would you be sleeping when hats are dropping?) I have a sleeping problem that makes it really hard for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I can sleep anyWHERE, but not anyTIME. It’s a curse.

The weather looks nice so far, but it’s supposed to get colder. Looks like we’re heading into the clouds.

After about 30 minutes, I take these pictures. YCs completely out.

I’m still awake.

And I have McDuff in my lap. He got all dressed up for his first trip to Montreal! You can also see my newly done nails here. I love this blue.

McDuff’s sunglasses are so cool. And they stay on without a string or clip or anything. He’s wearing the scarf I knit for him and the cardigan my bff, A bought for him.

So I’m just sitting on the bus, staring out the window as it drives by. I notice that behind the clouds, there’s a large ball of light in the sky. For a long time, I wondered if it were the sun or the moon. I’ve seen the moon in the sky during the day before. It’s very round. But it’s never been that bright. Could it be the sun? And sure enough, the clouds drift by and I’m blinded by staring at the sun. All I could think of was, “I never knew the sun was so round.” and “I shouldn’t look at it again to confirm it’s the sun.”

We continue to drive past a few cities and all of a sudden, in a dried up and dead cornfield, I see something large impaled on a pole. Picture a flag pole with no flag. Now, picture a red car impaled on this pole. Add some large black spider legs to the side. What the h**k was I looking at??? It goes by too fast for me to take a picture. It was unreal. It wasn’t a miniature car either. A regular-sized car. A red spider-car skewered by a pole.

By the way, I was listening to my Glee playlist compiled of the 5 Glee CDs I have. Gawd, I love GLEE songs.

We pass by a large sign for an “Adult lifestyle community” which begs the question, “What does THAT mean?” What constitutes an “adult” lifestyle. Is it a nudist community? If so, then they picked a terrible place to build it. Is it a swingers community? Are there such a thing? Is it even legal in Canada? Or maybe it’s just a regular community completely made of adults and if anyone has a baby, that child is sent out to be raised elsewhere and is allowed to come back when they turn 18. I wonder what it’s like in this community.

I was getting kind of sleepy, so I tried to recline my seat, but it was stuck. I guess my recliner was broken. At first I was ok with that, but my neck started to hurt real bad after nodding off for a bit.

Suddenly, I notice that we’re coming up towards Kingston. I’ve taken this very bus to Montreal before, but always got off at Kingston to visit YC because this is one of its scheduled stops. So I prepare myself to get off the bus soon and finally stretch out my legs when…..we drive by the town. What? Well…I guess since this is a Montreal-only bus, we’re not stopping here afterall. Bye Lessa.

The weather is also getting pretty ugly. We’re driving into a blizzard!

Oh, I hope it isn’t snowing in Montreal!



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