Montreal a go! Pt.1

During my spring break back in February, YC and I took a trip that I have been wanting to go on since we first started dating. Was I thinking too far into the future? Perhaps. But I digress.

For those not so familiar with the city, Montreal is one of the 3 largest cities in Canada, along with Toronto and Vancouver . It’s about 6 hours away from Toronto. It’s also considered one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. It is part of the Quebec province, which is the only fully French-speaking province in Canada.

This was definitely NOT my first trip to Montreal or into this province. I’ve come here many times and passed through it a couple of times. We have family friends that live in the city, so I’m not stranger to it. But I might as well be.

Every time we visited, the only places we ever went was to Chinatown and the Basilica. The Basilica is this famous Catholic church on top of a hill in Montreal and it’s gorgeous. Coming from a Catholic family, we always manage to go to mass there. They have some pretty cool stuff there and it’s very pretty, but in the end….it’s just another church to me.

The thing about Montreal that makes it different from the other cities in Quebec is that most of the people there can speak English fluently! I’ve always been assured that I would never have any speaking problems. Someone should have said something about most of the signs in the city being IN FRENCH.

Alright, let’s move onto the report! Our trip was from Sat, Feb 19th-Mon, Feb 21st. It was just a short weekend trip and we wanted to take advantage of Family Day, the newest holiday on the Ontario calendar. Turns out, didn’t make a difference. We took the bus from Downtown Toronto into Montreal City. Estimated length of travel: 7 GLORIOUS hours of neck cramping and back pains.

This was a pretty last minute trip for me. I got everything planned and booked and organized within a month of our trip! I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself. Thank goodness for the free wifi in our hotel room though. You’ll find out why soon.

Our day started on the Friday. I drove into Toronto from Waterloo and went straight to Andrew’s place to park under his apartment. My apartment’s concierge person is only there after 10pm, the parking is outside and if I forget to get a parking pass, the city gives me a parking ticket…I just didn’t want to deal with that. Andrew’s concierge KNOWS me, so it’s all good.

Before I left for Toronto, I had no time to really pack for my week off, so I stuffed a bunch of things in a bunch of bags, and just dumped them in my car. YC was still at work, so I just took my time sorting out everything. My shoulder-bag for the trip, our carry-on duffle for the bus ride, and the stuff for the rest of the week.

That night, I got my nails done (my first manicure!) and met up with my siblings for dinner near YC’s place. Thank goodness my baby brother has his license. After fooding, we all went up to Andrew’s apartment and spent the night hanging out, playing on his Wii.

We played until around midnight and came up with the great idea to NOT SLEEP. We were taking the 7:30am bus and I had planned for us to wake up at 5:30am anyways. We weren’t very tired at midnight, so instead of going to sleep for 4 hours, why not just stay up? We would be sleeping on the bus anyways.

So we proceeded to game into the night. By 2am, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to sleep. My siblings and YC continued to game until 5am when my sibs finally headed home. I woke up when I heard them leaving to say goodbye to them. YC has been up all night! I made us some coffee, made sure we had everything we needed and headed out into the dark morning.

To avoid the terrible mishap of what happened the LAST time I was at YC’s place in the early morning, trying to access the subway, I checked to make sure it would be running by the time we got down there.

Well…it was running. Sort of…

TO BE CONTINUED *dun dun duuuuuuuun*


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  1. Anndie says:

    What is – sort of?

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