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Happy April Fool’s Day! I was planning to pull my annual prank on this day, but it totally took me by surprise. This year has been going by too fast!

I was reminded of it when doing my daily surfing of the Disboards. I need to look up what else the internet has to offer today.

So, while browsing, I came across this post. Not that it fooled me or anything, but the suggestions are just HILARIOUS. Enjoy!


You may have heard recently that Disney Parks and Resorts is investing huge amounts of money to help guest preplan their visits. This may include scheduling FastPass times for attractions in advance, getting character interaction appointments and obtaining room keys via mail. All these features will accompany the currently offered advanced dining reservations. Will this be a good thing? Will it lead to better carefree planning or spontaneity free vacations? Time will tell. Until then, consider these other time saving vacation strategies that Disney could implement:

10. Billy and Sally’s Disney character autograph books come pre-signed!

9. Couldn’t get that ADR at Jiko? Disney will deliver to your room a doggie bag from any restaurant and make you feel like you had really dined there!

8. “Room Only” reservations will get you the next available room regardless of resort request- No Waiting for check in time!

7. For one low price Disney will offer little orphaned Bangladeshi children to wait in line for you all day. And they are dressed like Small World characters, too!

6. Send in photos of your family and each person from little Mikey to Grandma Ellie can be photoshopped into picture perfect park scenes AS IF THEY WERE REALLY THERE!

5. Can’t make time for a trip to Walt Disney World? Send for Mickey’s Virtual Vacation tablets. These flavor-filled chewables contain easily digestible microscopic memory chips that instill in busy brains detailed memories of a Disney World trip.

4. Stuck in a slow moving FastPass line in Splash Mountain? Use “Disney Line Lube” to slip between those Brazilian soccer teams and hefty Iowa farm families!

3. Afraid of taking too much time out of touring by taking in a Disney all-you-can-eat meal? Try Goofy’s Speedy Buffet- your dining choices include appetizer sticks, cup-a-soup, starch bowl, and protein loaf. A real time saver for busy park hoppers!

2. Worried about getting an early start at the parks in the morning? Sleep in luxury in one of the vehicles of Disney’s Magical Excess as it drives every night around the resort! Be first through the gate bright and early!

1. Mickey’s Virtual Vacation (Number 5 above) is also available as a suppository.


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