Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Otherwise known as Rabu Rabu day, or Singles Awareness day or any other variation on those two.

I hope that every one that has found, has not found, do not wish to find, or wish they hadn’t found love has a wonderful day! Whether this day means something to you or not.

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. I just love love, you know? I also like any excuse for me to wear as much of one colour as I can, without having to report to the fashion police or explain myself. My favourite of these “excuses” is St.Patrick’s Day. I don’t care for the drinking, but I LOVE dressing all in my favourite colour.

Because YC and I have a primarily long distance relationship, it’s not uncommon for us not to actually celebrate the day. I still celebrate it either by myself or with some other single friends. I just like any reason to make myself feel good you know?

So on top of what happened on Saturday night, and Monday being V-Day, I decided to treat myself to a nice dim sum lunch at Spring Rolls! I was at the mall to get my glasses fixed anyways, so I decided I might as well have lunch there too. I debated on getting lunch in the food court, but I wasn’t really in the mood to eat in a noisy food court.

After I got my food, I considered taking pictures of it and reporting back BUT…I just wanted to enjoy it. I had the pad thai and black bean spareribs. VERY GOOD pad thai as usual. I also love their MamaMia drink, which is a strawberry and guava smoothie. I tried for the first time their Mango and Coconut pudding.

The presentation was beautiful. It came with a very yummy (canned) lychee and a drizzle of raspberry sauce.

The taste was not too sweet. It’s basically layered with non-flavoured gelatin. I couldn’t taste much of the mango OR coconut, but the raspberry sauce really brought out its flavour. I wouldn’t get it again though. It cost me $4.95! I expected a little more. I was satisfied though.

Here I am. Happy Valentine’s to me!

On a completely unrelated note, look at these doodles I made in my notes! Yes, the class I made them in is kind of boring.

For this one, the left “eye” is covered by an eye-patch thing. I guess it’s kind of guro-kawaii. I’m a big fan of that stuff.

Ahh, there’s nothing like a spritz of Chanel No.5 to make a girl feel special. It’s what I wore for today and I can still smell a bit of it. <3


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2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  1. DaRon says:

    I like an asshole… if that tells you anything about my Valentine’s day :)

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