I’ve been assaulted

That’s right folks, I was physically assaulted last night at a club meeting. I’m partially part of (as in, I show up once in a while, but have pretty good friends in it) an anime club on campus.

It took place in the lecture hall we were watching anime in, we basically project it onto the big lecture screen with our own projector. So, during our dinner break, I was confronted by another girl in the club and she assaulted me.

Back Story:
This girl, we shall call her…Chii. She’s a pretty small little girl and pretty quiet. She’s my age I believe. She used to only show up during big events in the club, but she started crushing on some of the club members, so started showing up a lot more.

First impressions of her? She’s a sweet and cute little girl. She acts kind of shy and is pretty much quiet and always has a smile on. Throughout last term, the whole club got to find out that she has another side to her.

She’s extremely violent, throws tempers, believes everyone is out to get her and is pretty egotistical (and not even the cool way like I am). She’s probably narcissistic too. There is no doubt in any of our minds that she has a personality disorder. Many of the other club members have had difficulties with her and she just stirs up all sorts of crazy drama in the club, mostly between the guys.

So, at first, I thought she was an ok person too. I chatted with her and she seemed nice. Then something happened between her and the guy she was crushing on (at the moment) and she started complaining about it to me, showing me the convo they had and trying to convince me that he was in the wrong. Well, apparently half of the club also read that convo and we all agreed that the guy didn’t say anything wrong. He was extremely civil and careful with his words and he made very good points.

So, I tell her I see nothing wrong with the conversation. She goes on to say that I’m taking his side and how she hates me and starts calling me a bitch and stuff, then blocks me. I assume our “friendship” or whatever it was, was terminated.

Then a few weeks after that, she unblocks me (I didn’t really notice) and starts talking to me again. She always starts her conversations with “How are you?” as if by saying that gives her permission to just pour herself out to you, because she’s already asked you about how YOU were, so you should care about how SHE is. For a long time, I would say I’m tired or busy so can’t talk.

Then two nights ago, again she msgs me, and proceeds to tell me about some relationship problem she’s having (again). I barely reply so she asks me if I’m not interested. I tell her that I’m not very interested because I don’t see us as friends, just as acquaintances. She says we COULD be friends, but I tell her I don’t want to be. She asks me why and I say I don’t like the way she treated me before.

I think she really forgets these things, or chooses to ignore them, but she says she did no such thing, which is obviously a lie. Then she goes on to call me a bitch again. I told her that I know this is rude, but I just don’t want to be her friend. Then she goes on to say how she should stop talking to me.

I say, ok stop talking to me. But she goes on, to which I say, “If you won’t stop talking to me, then I’ll stop talking to you.” I block her, end of that story.

So last night, one of the few nights I show up for a club meeting, she is there. She notices me sitting in one of the lecture seats and confronts me. She says I owe her an explanation of “the way I treated her”. I told her I didn’t owe her anything. I told her why I didn’t want to be her friend anymore.

She screams, “You’re such a fucking bitch!” and slap me across my face. My glasses fall off (the frame is bent) and there are now scratches on my face. And it stings too.

The club members start to notice something and come around to calm her down. I type to Andrew saying that some “crazy girl” just slapped me and bent my glasses. She obviously reads what I’m typing and grabs my shirt by the neck and goes on to swear or something. I’m pretty much tuning out. She asks me if that’s what I think of her, I say, “Yes, because you slapped me.” And she says, “Well, do you know what I think of you???” I say, “Yes, you let me know when you slapped me.”

She yells at me to take it back, I take it back, but ofcourse she says I’m not telling the truth. Then some more yelling at me, then she hits me a couple of times on the top of my head, with her fist. At that point, the other members pulled her away from me and my friends come to my aid.

While I’m holding my head, she goes on to say how I must be proud of myself (for what, I cannot figure out). And that’s how I was assaulted. Eventually, she was forced out of the meeting. My friends got me ice and tried to fix my glasses to the point where I can kind of wear them again.

Now I have to go to Lenscrafters to get them fixed. Good thing it’s for free! I think I take comfort in knowing that whatever Chii was spouting about me, my friends will know not to take her word for it. I think we’ve all had our problems with Chii and now everybody else knows just how violent she can get.

I didn’t dislike her before, but I do now. I also feel really sorry for her. She obviously suffers from a personality disorder, and like most others, won’t admit to their problems. I also feel sorry for the other club members that had to put up with her shit. Most of them are very soft spoken and can’t stand up for themselves. I’m just glad they were able to stand up for me when I needed it. My housemate was there and he just pretty much fled the scene right after the slap…He totally lost man-points there.

I haven’t been beaten up in a long time I think. I didn’t shed a tear though, I’m stronger than that. The other members wanted to call the police, but I told them not to. It would just further complicate things and I just wanted to be done with this drama.

So, have any of you been in a situation like this?

I have filed a report to the Campus Police about the assault. Let’s hope this is the last we’ll see of her.


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4 Responses to I’ve been assaulted

  1. DaRon says:

    Wow, I’ve never been in a situation like this before. I’ve only been beaten up once and it was a cheap shot and I was on roller blades so it doesn’t really count. I was the one who always wins the fight… but I was strong back then, now I’m very skinny and weak LOL

    That girl obviously has issues and should be admitted to a psychology or your school’s therapy department or something. That is… well crazy.

    • yuki yuki says:

      Apparently, she’s seeing a psychiatrist but refuses to admit she has a problem.

      I think if I were angrier at her, I would fight back, but I just felt sorry for her.

  2. Oatmeal says:

    Omg. Obaa-chan…are you okay!? O_O That is soooo freaky. If that happened to me, I think I’d freak out. It’s kinda good that you acted pretty calm (compared to how I think I would have handled it) so things didn’t get even more worse. Wow… I seriously didn’t think there were people like this on campus… o.o Now it kinda scares me. >3< Well I hope you're feeling better and your cuts gets better. x.x I hope she realizes that she has a problem too….so it doesn't happen to others again.

    • yuki yuki says:

      Thanks Oatmeal!!!

      Yeah…the sad thing is, she’s not remorseful at all. I don’t think she’ll have thought she did anything wrong, even after the police warn her. She’ll probably just hate me even more for reporting her when she probably still believes it’s all MY fault

      She’s graduating this spring I hope, so all will be good again!

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