Adventures in fine dining

Ok, not quite, but kind of? Maybe not…”adventures in food” didn’t have as much of a ring to it.

So over the weekend, I spent another great day with my bff A from and Mr.S! I always have such a great time when I hang out with them. We really are best couple friends. The four of us together is just perfect.

The day started out with YC and I having lunch at Pho 88, then picking up some stuff for A‘s place. As we were on our way, the subway train we were on stopped and we were told we had to get off. Walking the rest of the way to her place would’ve taken too long, so we decided to take the shuttle buses that were offered above ground. On our way there, we saw this BROWN PIDGEON.

I’ve never seen a brown one before! They were all VERY fat. What are we throwing out and feeding them??? These things are HUGE! Stop throwing your food out people, just finish it or pack it up.

I should’ve taken a photo of the ENORMOUS line that was forming for the shuttle buses! I would say….3-4 buses filled up while we were still in line. At least we were next to the Swarovski store so I had something to look at. Called A at this point to let her know of our predicament.

After some more transiting and walking, we arrive at their place, an hour later than planned. The boys were sent out to buy eggs for the MACARONS we would be making. I showed A my videos from the August WDW trip. I want to go back so badly! I decided last week that I won’t be going back this August after all.

After they returned, we got cracking (get it?) on our macarons. We were going to make a salted caramel filling with the basic almond shell. After a lot of measuring and mixing, here is my bag of orange macaron shell paste.

And here is A and Mr.S with their red(?) bag! Kind of looks like blood, doesn’t it?

After piping them out, this is how my batch looked like. Ugh, I’m so not good at this. They’re so wonky!

A‘s batch came out much nicer. She’s more experienced after all.

While we waited for the shells to bake, YC and I took some pictures.

YC took this one. It’s better than mine because he has longer arms!

Well…our shells turned out……pretty much opposite of what we expected. I would say my first time at this ended in a FAIL.

It still tasted good! But macarons are so much more about the looks than they are about the taste.

While we waited for the shells and the caramel filling to chill, we left for our reservations at Canyon Creek Chophouse for dinner. I have to say, I think I’m actually a bit disappointed in my favourite restaurant. My last meal with my family was less than desirable. We were seated in a very bad area and most of our food was overcooked. The service is still as good as ever, but I just wish the food would keep up.

We were there for their Winterlicious menu. The lower price we were paying for our meal was made obvious by the smaller portions we all got. That was pretty disappointing as well. Of course, we knew it was a “tasting” menu, but we could’ve been given a little more soup.

Here’s the special menu of the night.

Everybody ordered the sirloin, but I got the trout.

We took some pictures while we waited.

Duffy! Wearing the Coach universal case I helped A buy. He looks SOO good.

A and Mr.S looking lovely as always.

It was so dark in the restaurant.

My trout came and I was pretty satisfied with the portion. I’m pretty sure the only reason it’s that big, is because less people ordered it. I really enjoyed it though. It was my first time having trout but it won’t be my last.

This is their Korean marinated sirloin. Apparently, it wasn’t very Asian-tasting, but it was still good. A didn’t like the lemon-infused rice.

Over all, we had a good meal. A and I called ahead earlier in the day to ask about birthday specials for the birthday boy (Mr.S). We were told the table would be given sparkling wine, but in the end, the waiter cheaped out and just brought Mr.S his own glass.

We went back to their place and filled the shells with the caramel filling. It turned out to be pretty ok! In fact, it came out tasting like cracker jacks! After we went home, I put mine in the fridge to solidify the dripping caramel, and finished them the next day. I’m not sure if A agrees, but I would say we made cracker jacks macaron. That’s awesome.

YC REALLY liked it. Probably his favourite macaron he’s ever had! He’s never been super keen on them, but the ones we made, we was really excited about having more. Yay!

At the end of the night, we took some photos of him and Quatchi. Cause mini Quatchi is SOOO CUUUTE!

And last but not least, YC in the Barney-from-How-I-met-your-Mother pose. Legend…wait for it……DAIRY!

Thanks for another great time A and Mr.S!


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