Montreal a go! Accomodations!

I have chosen a hotel! After much scouring of reservation sites such as, and (mostly for consistency of reviewers’ ratings), I have settled on booking Hotel Le Dauphin Montreal Downtown. Click here for a link to their website.

This place got very good reviews from all those websites. For $87/night, you get a complimentary breakfast, complimentary hi-speed wi-fi in your rooms, a fridge, and close proximity to all the action!

I was looking for an affordable place right in the middle of downtown, and I found it! I hope it won’t be too hard to get to from the train station. If anything, we can cab it cause it’s not far.

The beds look really comfortable! It’s a very modern-looking hotel, probably recently renovated. It’ll be really nice to stay in a king-size bed. We slept on double beds at Disney…which is less than desirable, but still big enough for two. I love the giant king-sized beds though. SO MUCH ROOM!

One little downside is that the hotel room floors are wooden. Carpeted floors would have been preferred, but oh wells. I got a great deal on a highly recommended hotel!

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