Montreal a go!

YC and I have been considering a Montreal trip since last year and it looks like we’ve finally found the time to go!

A weekend trip to the city should be more than enough for us. Plus, he has Family Day he can use.

I’ve only started to really finalize the plans because we need to book our hotel soon. Everything else is still pretty up in the air, but we’ve decided on the dates and times of departure.

Dates: February 19-21st (two night and 2 days, kinda)

Accommodation: TBA, but I think I’ve found the perfect place right in downtown

Transportation: Coach Canada on the MEGABUS!

Itinerary so far:
Feb 19th
-7:30am, leave Toronto for Montreal
-arrive around 2:15pm, check into our hotel and dropping off our bags
-find late lunch and wander the city, exactly what we will be doing haven’t been determined yet
-we will most likely be meeting up with his Montreal friends for a night on the town or something
-if the hotel has a pool, take a dip in it before heading to bed
Feb 20th
-wake up early enough for free breakfast if they have it
-head out for a day of activities, hopefully be able to visit the NDG neighbourhood
-meet up with his Montreal friends for a tour? I know there’s a biodome in Montreal…
-eat dinner at my friend’s cousin’s Asian fusion place (I know A won’t agree, but I promised him I would
-take another dip in the pool if they have one, head to bed
Feb 21
-depending on if we feel up to it, wake up for free breakfast if it’s available
-if not, find a nice brunch place (research beforehand)
-do some shopping, if I can give him a good reason to do it
-5:30pm, leave Montreal for Toronto
-arrive around 12:30am

-going to a strip club is high on my list
-eat a poutine. Not an activity, but they invented it, so it HAS to be good
-bar hopping probably
-seeing Old Montreal
-I need to look up more stuff, any suggestions?

-Megabus :$128 roundtrip for the both of us
-Metro pass: TBA
-Hotel: TBA
-TTC: 4 tokens

I’ve even looked up all the TTC operating times to make sure we’ll be able to get home from downtown and it’s looking pretty good! It’s only Sundays that have the worst schedule. Oh, I should tell the story about how I got stuck in a building. It’s on my TR on the Dis!

I will be updating this as soon as I have more information. Stay tuned! If you have recommendations, please share them!


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