Holiday Adventures pt.2

In this entry, I will only be concentrating on one day. I should’ve taken more pictures. Or even notes. I’m not sure when everything happened on the day…..Oh wells!

December 26, 2010

Otherwise known as BOXING DAY. That famous equivalent-of-Black-Friday shopping day that most Canadians are crazy for. Now, I’m a veteran of boxing day and have earned more than my share of battle scars and medals won on the field. In recent years, I’ve taken to spending boxing day at places that would otherwise be more crowded.

One of my favourite places to go EVER is the Ontario Science Centre. On this very day, I finally bought myself the student membership card! I’m been hemming and hawing at this for 2 years now. Judging by how often I visit the centre, I finally decided that it was worth it. On top of 50% off of parking, free admission, 50% off of Imax movies, and 10% off at the store, I get 20% off of food! I’ve always avoided buying food there because it’s overpriced, but the discount brings it back down to regular price! No longer will I have to carry my lunchmate around with me when I go. I’m more than happy with my membership and can’t wait to go back.

The day started pretty early. We got there around 11am. I thought we should get there earlier, but the rest of the group didn’t think we needed that much time anyways. I went with YC, lil sis, and lil bro. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent this kind of time with my siblings. I mean, I came here for Harry Potter with my sister, but my brother’s been getting left out.

We came today for two reasons. 1) It was boxing day so the place is a lot emptier and less noisy and 2) They had an exhibit for Mythical Beasts that were were ALL looking forward to! We also later found out they had a whale exhibit too. Turned out pretty good.

Because of the mythical beasts thing, they had this cut out in the lobby. YC took a photo of me in it, and I took this one of him.

I think he looks divine, don’t you?

For years now, the main giant room before you head to the exhibits have been fairly empty. They used to always be filled with all sort of cool gadgets and games you could look at a play with. Well, we were very lucky to see they had something on display! It was just a bunch of machines made of regular household objects. It’s a wonderful mess of junk that I think everybody should see.

On one of the machines, I noticed this. FIRST! I’m such a freakin geek.

The thing was moving too, so it took me a while to get a non-blurry shot.

We headed towards the planetarium first. It’s the one part I don’t see a lot of, and frankly, I don’t understand much of it. I’ve never been able to see the planetarium show that they have there. We lined up for the next show, and after we got in and all settled on the bean bags they have inside, one of the science centre guys told us that that show was for toddlers and young children only…The more “adult” show was later on in the day. Okaaay….so we were shoo-ed out. In the end, we didn’t end up watching it. Oh wells, I have a membership!

We headed straight towards the special exhibits first. We were pretty surprised to see the front half of a whale when we got there. How come the centre didn’t advertise for this one?? I guess they figured it can’t compete with the Mythical Beasts.

We checked it out and it was a real eye opener. It also had a bunch of fun games and hands-on activities for people to do. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I would probably go back on my own, just to take some more time to read everything.

After we got out, we saw one of the new shows being demonstrated on one of their stages. It was a show about fire and its origins and all that good stuff. Definitely a great and fun change to the very static, static-electricity show. They do have this new guy there that I really like. He makes everything a lot more fun.

We knew the audience would probably be heading into the Mythical Beasts exhibit right when the show ends, so we hurried in to beat the crowds. They had a little stand outside that sold “souvenirs” for the exhibit. I desperately wanted to take this little one home. SO FREAKIN CUTE!

I love dragons.

There’s no photography allowed inside, so no pictures. It was…..meh. Not what we expect at all. It didn’t have any of the really cool creatures we were hoping for like Cyclops and minotaurs. They DID have kappas, which were very creepy.

I DID learn some new things. Like how there’s a Jamaican version of mermaids called Mami Wata. And back in the day, people believed unicorns were real! They were included in their big book of “animals that exist”. That was pretty cool to find out. Overall, we were pretty disappointed.

We had lunch in the big cafe and spent the rest of our time just looking at everything and having an overall good time. Except for the bugs outside the rainforest room. I hate bugs. BUT, their saving grace is that they have snakes! Especially this little cutie that was scaling the window.


We were finally able to try that “aging” machine where they show you what you would look like in 50 years. On previous trips, there has always been a very long line for that. Not today! Lil sis and lil bro gave it a whiz. My brother’s one turned out HILARIOUS. I wish I had a picture to show you.

One of my favourite new sections of the centre is the “Mind and Truth” section. I’m pretty sure that’s not what it’s called, but it was about that. Talks about psychology and humans and the mind and lots of other stuff. They had a little table for us to “speak our minds”. YC drew this.

Overall, we had a wonderful day together. It was a lot of fun to do this with my siblings and YC. We really should spend more time together like this.


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