Super fun Birthday weekend!

No, it’s not my birthday (thank goodness cause it would be TOO SOON). It was my darling little sisters’! This past weekend, she turned a WHOPPING 20yrs old!!! Oh dear….realizing how old she is makes me feel even older! They grow up way too fast!!

But before I begin my recount of what a fun weekend it was, let’s start with my trip to Micheal’s before I left Waterloo. Micheal’s is a craft and hobby store and holds all sorts of goodies for the creative sort. Walking through it gives me the same feeling I get from walking through a Fabricland. I’m filled with ideas of what I can do with ALL THE STUFF I see in there!

So, not only was I able to find something much coveted my A, I also found these!

Silicone cupcake cups! Sure, they’re technically meant for baking, but they’ll be so good for separating foods in a bento. Unfortunately….something deterred me from purchasing them.

Not worth it! I’ll have to come back when they have a store sale or something.

All right, let’s move on to real story here, my lil sis’ b-day!

Since the year started, my family have been planning to surprise her. It was her 20th birthday and it was also on a Friday, which meant I was actually able to be in town for her birthday. Her best friend goes to the same school I do, so we both knew we were able to be in town to celebrate with her.

BUT, she didn’t know that. I made up a story about how I couldn’t make it because I had assignments due. Her best friend told her she had exams to study for, so we were both unable to be in town for the weekend. Not only was she upset, she was also kind of pissed cause I’m good at doing that.

On my parent’s end, my little brother secretly made reservations at our family’s favourite restaurant. They also told her they would take her to watch a movie and eat in the food court, because they were planning a bigger dinner party with my family on Saturday anyways.

So on the Friday, I picked up her best friend and we both headed into Toronto. We picked YC up from his house and got to the restaurant before my family. We hid behind menus so she wouldn’t see our faces when she got to the table. On her end, my dad started the first part of the surprise by bringing her to the restaurant. He made it seem like he had changed his mind and decided to bring her there after all. When we first came in, I told them not to let my family know we were there. They entered the restaurant and when asked if they had reservations, my sister said, “No”. My mom quickly told them they did, and they were seated.

Then, “SURPRISE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” She was so surprised!!!! We sure lied to her good! We had a lovely dinner and spent the rest of the night at YC’s apartment, playing pool and cards and fun stuff!

While we played pool, we split up into two teams. It was only after the fact that we realized our teams also corresponded with the stripes and solids of the balls! Ok…to make it easier to explain….

Team little brother and little sister, just also happened to be on the striped balls team.

Also wearing stripes!!!

The other team made up of Oatmeal (lil sis’ best friend and my grand daughter), YC, and me.

Grampa sure is pimping!!!

It was very cool when we realized that. Life is just awesome for me.

Now Grampa (YC) and his grand daughter.

Not awkward at all.

Lil sis and Oatmeal.

Last but not certainly not least, yours truly! Looking as cute as ever of course.

The next night, McDuff joined us for dinner with the family. He was dressed in his Sunday best, which includes the awesome cardigan from A and super swank sunglasses.

Everybody thought he was my gift to her. Uh, no. He’s MY baby. I got him a high chair to sit in.

And that was my super fun birthday weekend!


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2 Responses to Super fun Birthday weekend!

  1. Anndrea says:

    OMGOSH wow! How time flies!!
    I remember back in the day when Frances and I didn’t get along so well when I first met her. Haha
    That sounds like a jampacked super fun weekend!

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