Day 10

Princess Challenge- Best hair

Yeah, I’m pretty sure she wins this one.

Ms Ariel from The Little Mermaid! It’s so flowly and pretty and red!

Arguably, it’s our very new princess.

Rapunzel’s hair! Cause it’s magic and all. But it gets cut off and stuff…..It’s pretty and blonde though.

30 Day- A photo of your favourite place to eat

Again, it’s not my own photo, but just as good.

It’s Canyon Creek Chophouse! Well, the inside anyways. Couldn’t find a nicer picture of it’s outer, but there are so many to choose from and non of them have disappointed me yet.

I love their food, the inexpensive pricing, the atmosphere, their desserts, and their AMAZING service. Seriously, this place has it all. It one ups Baton Rouge (well actually, more than just ONE up) because BR’s restaurants are always so noisy because of their high ceilings and the food prices are higher but may not include as many sides. I have never been disappointed with a meal here.

Anime- Best slice of life

Hm…this is a toughie. Off the top of my head it’s this one.

Lucky Star!! It can get slow, but I really like it.

Would you call this one slice of life?

This is one of my fave animes ever! The manga is really funny too!


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6 Responses to Day 10

  1. Anndrea says:

    OH YES SCHOOL RUMBLE WAS AWESOME. I didn’t get to finish the second season though

  2. Daron says:

    I should watch that DVD of School Rumble Anndie burned for me years ago LMAO… which I still haven’t watched! (-A-;)

    I love Rapunzel’s hair just bc I love long, blond hair… and her eyes are so BIG and cute! Ah! lolz

    Yuki, I wanna add you to my blogroll! Yoroshiku ^^

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