Day 9

Princess Challenge- Favourite couple

Oh gawd, this is a toughie…..Man…..there are so many good couples. I’ll definitely have to say this one though.

Eric is super hot, and Ariel is super cute and he was just crazy about her cause she saved his life.

30 Day- A photo of the item you last purchased.

Since the last items I bought were groceries I ate last night, I don’t have any photos. So why don’t I show you a photo of something I bought this past weekend, taken by someone else?

It’s my super cute new Tartan Coach crossbody bag! I’ve been wanting a cross body bag for a while now, but the flat letter-carrier style is just…..not my style. This design was much cuter, much more my taste.

Anime- Saddest anime scene

Ahhh, this brings me back to high school. This is probably the only anime that made me bawl like…every 2 episodes, if not more often.

Full Moon wo Sagashite.

The saddest scene is near the end of the season when Takuto was disappearing forever and Mitsuki had to keep on performing in her concert. SO SAD!!!!!


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4 Responses to Day 9

  1. Anndrea says:

    Anime- Saddest anime scene is not showing up
    (didn’t watch that anime btw lol.. I think all of you were talking about it and all I said was — whaaa???) hahaha

    PS wanna cook/bake over the weekend? I’ve been itching to try new macaron recipes

    • yuki yuki says:

      I couldn’t find a photo of the scene, so here’s a generic picture of main character.

      I don’t think I’ll be able to come over this weekend. Dinner friday night, then dinner saturday night, ALL FOR SISTER. I think a good time for you to come over would be the afternoon. Around 1 or 2pm. I just need to clarify with YC what time is food for him too.

      How about next weekend? We’ll spend the day at your place, then head to dinner together.

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