A whole new look and some Awesome company

On Saturday, I did some things that I desperately needed to do.

1)Get an eye exam. My last real one was 3 years ago! =O
2)Get new glasses. The pair I was wearing was falling apart on me.
3)Get a haircut. I had split ends about an inch long. I also wanted to chop off the remaining colour in my tips.
4)Have A over! We always go over to their place, so it was a long time coming for them to come over to our place.

First off, I want to show you what my old look was. Note that my glasses are frameless, I had side swept bangs, and my hair down to my chest. OH, I’m also holding onto my new guitar (shared with YC) that was donated by his old housemate! His name is L-. Pronounced “ledash”. The hyphen is not silent. Learning guitar hurts.

We woke around noon and left the house at around 1pm to get our haircuts. I went first while YC called up a bunch of Lenscrafters and asked if any of them had open appts for eye exams that day. Lenscrafters doesn’t actually have the doctors, but each one is next to one and they work together. I meant to make the appointments before hand, but calling from Waterloo would’ve been major long distance. Luckily for us, we were able to fit in a time!

YC got a haircut too, but I forgot to take a picture. He guts a cut about every 4 months cause it grows so fast and people keep mistaking him for a girl. I say it’s his pretty eyelashes.

So after we got our haircuts, we quickly made our way to the mall to make my appt. I learned that all along, I had astigmatism in my right eye! I always thought I had them in both eyes. I also only knew the Chinese name for it, so didn’t know the English name was “astigmatism” till this Saturday. Wow….I need to research this a little more. I remember learning about it in my physiological psychology class. LOVED IT.

So, while waiting for the 1 hr service of my glasses, we walked around the mall and discovered a COACH store! I’ve been in this mall countless times and never knew they had a COACH store! I’m pretty sure my mom turned me onto COACH. It wasn’t until I discovered Poppy Coach that I fell in love. I also fell in love with their Poppy Chan girls, which breaks my heart because I don’t know when they’ll be coming back. Finding Poppy Chan stuff is so hard now.

Sooooo, while browsing the store, we noticed they had the Poppy Chan GOLDY small pouch! YC knows how much I love Goldy. I was already lucky when I found the wristlet in PA. Being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, he bought the pouch for me! Here it is!

And here’s the back.

It matches with the wristlet I already have. I adore Goldy.

So, how do I look after my haircut and new glasses? Ta dah!

I love my new look! I’ve never had black frames, and certainly not frames of this shape either. The only downside to them is that there is a much bigger difference when I take my glasses off now. The contract is larger as opposed to when I didn’t have any frames, so it didn’t make much of a diff when I took them off.

That evening, we entertained some awesome people. A from Originalcolor.net and Mr.S! I don’t have any photos of Mr.S.

She brought her Duffy! Wearing the Leafs hoodie and hockey pants I bought her.

And here we are with both our babies.

That was GREAT day!


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10 Responses to A whole new look and some Awesome company

  1. Clinton says:

    Nice geetar. When did you start learning?

    I like the new glasses more than the frame-less although I don’t really know why.

    • yuki yuki says:

      I started learning this past friday. I know the A, B and C chords. And E7 I think….

      I think my new glasses give me a more “sexy librarian” look. Too bad it now makes my face look even EMPTIER when I take them off.

  2. Anndrea says:

    I love the new glasses and the new hairstyle
    And love the pics because my hair looks great in them too AHAHA

    AND ps – you said nephew
    technically Duffy would be your… great grandson but now that would make you sound reallly old! Haha <3 I kid.

  3. Anndrea says:

    PS if you come by my site and there’s a password protection – it’s koyamakeiichiro

  4. A says:

    what time should we drop by sat

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