Day 8 plus more!

I was going to post about my plans for tomorrow, but it makes more sense to post about it AFTER it happens. Also, I have a bunch of little tidbits that don’t really make their own entry, so just going to tack it on here.

Yesterday, I spent $9 on a medium half and half, a chili, and this adorable gingerbread cookie, all from Tim Horton’s.

I’m so sad cause it looks like they’ve stopped the ginger molasses cookies. Those were SOOO GOOOD! I would buy half a dozen every time.

I spent about $27 on gas, which filled up a little more than half my tank. I’m very surprised! It usually costs a little more than $30 to fill up half my tank. Man, gas prices are still so high…..

I finally got to see YC today, and he bought me some things from his business trip! These gorgeous mugs from The Disney Store!

I think the Jack one is just beautiful.

The gold detail is just so striking. He bought this for me cause I just recently bought a very comfy Jack sweater to wear at home, and he thought it would match ^_^ I think it’ll be a great cup to steep tea in.

I was looking at this mug the last time I was at The Disney Store.

I decided not to get it cause 1) I wanted only Tink and 2) it wasn’t green. It was still very thoughtful of him to get it for me cause he knows how much I love Tink. He had a hard time choosing between the two and just got me both! Bless his heart.

We went downtown to have All-You-Can-Eat Sushi and passed by this on the side of a building!

It’s on a building right at Church/Davenport and Yonge. I can’t remember what was written under. Something about…the original building. I’ve just never noticed it before and found it worthy to blog about.

Ok, moving on to the meme!

Princess Challenge- Saddest moment

There are SO MANY sad moments I can think of, but one in particular is the most fresh in my mind, because I just watched it. Twice.


It’s the moment when Flynn/Eugene dies. Even YC cried! Another part I DEFINITELY cried in the movie is also right before the King and Queen released the lanterns on her 18th birthday. *sniffs*

It’s so hard to find photos for the moments I listed. These pictures are for right after those moments. No spoilers!



30 Day- A song to match your mood

Hmm….Let’s see if I can upload a youtube video here…..

Tangled- When will my life begin

Ok….it doesn’t show as a video, just as a link. Oh phooey. I wouldn’t say it matches my mood, but I was just talking about Tangled, and I LOVE THIS SONG from the movie.

Anime- Most epic scene ever

Easy! It’s this one of course!

Ok, so the epic moment happens right before the above picture (google images, why are you failing me today??? *shakes angry fist*). Right when Haruhi fell off the chariot and Tamaki leaps out to save her. I mean, my heart started beating a mile a minute as soon as the music started when she took up the reigns of the chariot. But this one moment was SUPER EPIC. I love Ouran.

Well folks, look forward to tomorrow’s post!


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