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I kind of don’t want to do Day 7 in my memes. One of the reason being how hard it will be to get pictures into that post on my sh*tty internet. Another reason being one of the meme answers will be super long and I’m not in much of a mood to type it all out. Just yet. I was hoping to do it yesterday at work, but none of the library computers were connected to the internet! I was unable to do my job and it was SUPER BORING. I brought my DS (cause I bring it every where. It’s named Terra) and played on it a bit. Then read some books in the library. Thank goodness we have that section of simplified English classics for our ESL students.

Well, moving on. To try to update daily, I decided I’ll type up a list of stuff I want. I actually thought of wanting a few of this stuff yesterday and today, so might as well write it out! You all want to know right? Of course you do. Here goes!

-A blender. I want a blender so badly. A whole magic bullet set with the blender and juicer would be VERY NICE. I want that for my birthday.
-A hand-held electric mixer. Something I’ve been wanting for as long as I could bake (which is way back in my tender high school years). Everybody thinks I’m joking when I say I want this as a gift, so I never get it. I mean, it’s something I’d really like, but I don’t want to spend money on it.
-A yoga mat. Not for yoga, I don’t do that. Just I do some exercises where I lean on my wrists, and they hurt on the regular hard floor.
-Gloves that actually fit my hands. They’re unusually small, but not small enough to fit children’s gloves. Sometimes, the other digits fit, but my thumbs don’t. What is up with that?
-A Dyson vacuum. Maybe I’ve been watching too much TV, but those vacuums look AWESOME.
-All Mickey kitchen stuff. The big bowls, plates, salt and pepper shaker, egg timer, oven mitt, ladle, spatula, EVERYTHING. All of it. When I get my own place, at least the kitchen is going to be all Mickey. YC won’t have a say in it. It sounds sexist but it will be MY domain. I also want those adorable plates and bowls that have separators. I have always loved those (I don’t like my food touching) and I know my children will love them too. They’re so super awesome. I don’t have any now cause there’s no space in the cupboard I share with 4 other housemates. I DO have awesome Disney lunch boxes that have separate compartments inside!
-Silicone cupcake cups. Where do I get these things outside of Asia and not have to pay ridiculous shipping costs????

So, what are the stuff YOU want?


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5 Responses to Stuff I want

  1. A says:

    OH ps – I saw some silicone things on ebay… not too expensive
    considering the actual silpat mat is like 20 plus .. the imitation ones are of course cheaper.

    Making smoothies?

    Stuff I want
    -Ice cream maker
    -More Duffy Clothes
    -Cath Kidston iPhone case

    the end lol
    Not wanting much since I just purchased a bunch of stuff/got stuff from family.

    I made falafel today with my food processor
    Mr.S says it’s authentic! YAY =) He wants to feed it to his father.

    • yuki yuki says:

      Well, this list is the stuff I’ve been wanting for a while now, and not just what I would want presently. I would say I’ve been wanting all of this stuff for over a year now. And yet, I still find myself without them!

      Well, blender for smoothies and other blended drinks. I love blenders.

      Ooooh, congrats on making great falafel! Omar must be so proud! Man, you keep him so well-fed. You’re such a keeper.

    • yuki yuki says:

      Oh, I want a shaved ice maker. We should go shopping for this stuff! Or a frozen yogurt maker would be nice too….

  2. A says:

    OH I want more bento boxes that are plastic and with separators… just cause!

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