2011 Resolutions and goals

Some people are starting to call their resolutions, “goals”. But I think resolutions are a little diff from goals, you know? It’s something you want to start doing and hopefully continue into next year. While goals are something more concrete that you hope to achieve. So here are my resolutions and goals for 2011!

-Get more fit and more active.
-Spend less time sitting on the couch, watching TV (instead, get up and dance or jog on the spot, watching TV)
-Eat out/buy take-out/get fast food, only once a week. Holidays and special occasions don’t count cause I’m usually not home to cook.
-Volunteer more. Try to either volunteer more at my current placement, or get a position over at Family and Children services.
-Stop buying so many clothes. This one will be extended to “goals” cause I want to be more specific.
-Eat more vegetables. Stop being so damn cheap and buy some veggies once in a while.
-Eat more beef. Again, stop being so damn cheap. I’m seriously lacking in iron.
-Eat more breakfast? I’ve started eating oatmeal, so maybe I should eat that in the morning….
-Stop drinking so much coffee…….? Mmmm…..nah, scratch this one. I’m sure A would disagree.
-Save more money for future travel.

-Go to Montreal. I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now! Maybe this year I can make it happen.
-Eat at Rodney’s Oyster Shack. Same sentiment as above. Especially since I don’t plan to return to Food and Wine, which was the only time I got to eat them.
-Stop buying t-shirts, thigh-highs, tights, tank tops, bras (we’ll see…..), panties (ditto), hair clips/pins
-Keep better track of spending. Only spend money on food, travel, movies, household stuff, and gifts for other people.
-Stop buying so many clothes for siblings and YC. This will be hard cause I do this A LOT.
-Finish writing my TR
-Finish making my scrapbook
-Make macarons
-Make A a cake.
-Go to karaoke
-See a live show in theatre. Disney on Ice won’t count, but I can’t wait for that one!
-Clean my room. Cause it’s a bloody mess and I really should throw out all that stuff I consider “momentos”. Also gives me a chance to see what kind of crafts stuff I’ve collected but still haven’t used.

I think those will do….

On the spending note, I just bought a pack of 3 mini-donut shaped earphone-wires holder thingamajig…..It basically holds onto the wires and doesn’t let them get all tangley and messy-like. Cost me a whopping $11.29! I really needed it though. I don’t think it works as well as I’d like, but it works well enough.


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  1. Anndrea says:

    I can’t comment on your other post ;A;

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