Originalcolor’s first ever giveaway!!!

To support my bff A from Originalcolor‘s first ever contest giveaway thing, I’ve decided to take part in it! Of course, it may have to do with what she’s giving away, which is $30 for ELF products!

As part of the giveaway, I can get more entries into it by blogging about it. Duh, I would’ve done it anyways. So, I have to let her know what I would buy with that $30. I was already planning to get stuff from ELF anyways, but decided to really scour the whole website to see what I wouldn’t otherwise have bought without her giveaway. They DO have some deals on right now…..so I might get the stuff myself if I don’t win the prize.

E.L.F is a cosmetic company that sells pretty good quality stuff for really cheap! Most of their products are $1. Just like A says, it’s definitely a good place to get stuff to try out as a noob with make-up, or even a place for simple staples.

I’ve heard so much about minerals make-up, so I’m looking forward to try that out. Man…I’m going to need a a small box for all the stuff I’ll be getting. How did I get so into make-up in so little time? Nah, I’ve always been interested, but never had the guts (or money) to really try it out. So why now? I’m tired of my super tiny Asian eyes and non-existent eyebrows ruining perfectly good pictures of me. There’s also the problem of my dreaded double-chin, but let’s not get into that.

So A, this entry is for you! Here are the stuff I would buy if I had $30 for ELF!

-Brightening eye color (Haven’t decided on the colour palette, but it’s $1 for 4 colours!)
-Duo Eyeshadow (Just want to try out more colours)
-Due Eyeshadow cream (What the heck is cream eyeshadow? Should I even get this to try out?)
-Eye Brightener (This one is mineral make-up)
-Matte Eyeshadow (From their Studio line. It comes with a brush!)
-Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (A introduced me to this and I LOVE IT. Will be getting this in black/plum and midnight)
-Shimmer Eyeliner pencil (The shimmery colours are pretty =D )
-Waterproof Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara (I have the L’oreal Double Extend, so might as well see if this one works too)
-Eyebrow Treat and Tame (Another Studio product. Let’s see if it works in giving me more eyebrow to work with)
-Eye make-up remover pads (I have big make-up remover sheets, but I think these small pads will be better when I only do my eyes and nothing heavy on my face)

-Lipstick (I’ve started to really like lipstick. Lip gloss never lasts too long, is sticky, and dries my lips)

-All Over Cover Stick (For those quick cover-ups in the mornings!)
-Mineral concealer and blemish kit (Just trying out more mineral products. See what the fuss is about)
-SPF 45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection (My mom bought me this other sunscreen for my face, but it leaves my face oily. This powder should be much better)
-Concealer brush (For all the mineral products. I don’t see the need to buy the more higher priced mineral brush)
-Make-up Remover Cleansing cloths (As recommended by A. I already have some of these from The Body Shop, but doesn’t hurt to get some more! Especially ones this cheap)
-Mineral Face Primer (Also recommended by A. I usually just use moisturizer as a “primer” but maybe this stuff is better?)

-Blending wedges (Saw these at A‘s place a while ago and was interested)
-Eyeshadow Applicators (For all the eyeshadow I’ll be getting!)

-Nail polish (Oh, what the hey. I prefer Sally Hansen, but $1 is very good for just trying out new colours)
-Toe separators (I’ve always wanted to use one of these!)

If you guessed that I pretty much went through the site and copied all the stuff that caught my fancy, you would be…….HALF RIGHT! I went through this website yesterday and saw a bunch of the eye and face stuff that I was interested in. Man, there are so many colours to choose from! That’s going to be the hard part.

So A, what do you think of my list?


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5 Responses to Originalcolor’s first ever giveaway!!!

  1. A says:


    Instead of buying duo eyeshadow, why not buy the Beauty Encyclopedia.
    It’s more “bang for the buck” not that it’s not already cheap but yeah!
    And I tried the shimmer eyeliner, just ordered one cause I lost it. I think the coloured ones are more shimmery but I went with the safe black and it’s easy to apply.
    Things I do NOT recommend is the mascara – it’s like regular but it doesn’t extend or whatver, and bad applicator.
    I ordered the mineral lipstick, we’ll see how that is.
    All cover stick – tell me how that is. I think if you want a quick cover up, maybe the tinted moisturizer? I just ordered their liquid foundation and will let you know how that is.
    OH have you considered brushes for applying eyeshadow? And brush shampoo to clean it. I guess the applicators would be easier. I only use two colours on a day to day basis LOL. Butter Pecan hahaha.
    And for Nail Polish – Smoky brown is my favourite – it looks bleh on the site but when you use it, it’s greyish brown that has a mature feel to it. OH I forgot to recommend, their nail polish remover pads. If you think about it, its more expensive than using the nail polish remover but.. it smells better? It smells citrus-ey. And it doesnt soak up too much of the remover.

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