Back to WDW already?

Ok, enough of this (blogging) dry spell. My internet is so bad at home that it just really deters me from updating ANYTHING. Not even my own TR (trip report) on the Disboards!

Sooo, reading my Dis friends’ PTRs (pre-trip report) on their planned August trip to WDW, made me REALLY WANT TO GO BACK. Not only that, I just wanted to meet with them again. I really enjoyed the meeting we had during my last trip, and would love to spend even more time with them.

So, last night, at work, I started looking at some of the numbers. Right now, Disney has a discount of 25% off hotel stays for the nights I’m interested in. I’m looking at Mon.Aug 15 to Fri.Aug 19th. It would only be $285 USD (includes tax) for my 4 nights stay at a Disney hotel. The 4-day ticket would cost $250 CAD. A roundtrip flight from Buffalo to Orlando would be about $300 CAD. Food won’t be more than $150 USD.

So….it’s looking extremely affordable at this point. Especially since I can expect the discount on the hotel to go down to 40% off, and if I wait long enough, the flight cost will go down also.

This is definitely last minute. I mean, in the back of my head, I wanted to go again this year, but most logic (and YC) pretty much told me I probably shouldn’t, so I never gave much thought to it. Disney HAVE been putting out discounts a lot earlier now. When I booked for my trip last year, the discount for my August dates didn’t come out till April.

So this is really a….on the fence trip for me. My plan is to put down a deposit to hold the room (if I cancel, I get a full refund). It’s only for one night’s stay, which is about $70 USD and buy the 4-day pass. I’ll then watch the flight prices. If it goes down to $250 or less for a roundtrip, then I’ll go. If not, then I’ll cancel my hotel room, get the money back, and save the 4-day pass for the trip that is FOR SURE happening in August 2013. All Disney tickets last forever until the first use. I can just upgrade that 4-day ticket to an 8-day for pretty cheap. So nothing big will be lost and I won’t be terribly disappointed. I know I can always meet them again in my future trips.

Oh, if I haven’t made it clear, this will also be a solo trip. I’ll be going down there by myself. I’m hoping I can disappear for those days without my parents getting too suspicious……I mean, they expect me to call them every night at 10:30pm, but there are many times when I forget or my battery dies. If I give them a reason like…..I’m studying…..they won’t expect me to call at all and I can just shoot them a text. Hm….that’s not a bad idea…..I’m a bad daughter, I know.

If this trip goes through, it will be my first time busing from Toronto to the Buffalo airport. I’m planning to do the same thing with my sister in 2012 when we go down for Universal Studios (Harry Potter, duh), so if I DO go back this year, it will be a great way to get experience for that and avoid hassles in the future. I’m also looking forward to a solo trip. No pressure, no rush, just doing whatever the hell I want without worrying about others’ needs. I also don’t plan to get ANY souvenirs on this trip. Well, maybe a t-shirt, but that’s it.

I also want to see if I can travel with only carry-on. This past Christmas break, I was able to pack my carry-on (with space to spare) for about 5-days. We were going Outlet Mall shopping and I knew I would be wearing new clothes after that, so didn’t bother packing more than 5 outfits. With travel sized stuff like shampoo and conditioner, I think it’ll be real easy to do just carry-on for a 5-day trip. It it works well, I’ll definitely be doing it again in 2012.

I have also started to work out the numbers for THAT trip but I think I should save that for another entry.

So, what are everybody else’s travel plans this year? Any small road trips? Weekend getaways or full-on week-long vacations planned for 2011? Are there trips you’d LIKE to take but forces seem to keep you from them?


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2 Responses to Back to WDW already?

  1. A says:

    You won’t be buying any Duffy outfits?? =O (official ones anyway)

    And does the hotel just for you? alone? And can it be ANY hotel?

    Yeah sometimes I think it’s better to go off on your own – not having to think about others. Don’t get me wrong, I love travelling with Mr.S but its like – OH I cant stay here too long he’ll get bored – that sort of thing runs through your head, and kinda affect whether you get to browse or not.

    I really want to go on a road trip with you guys! Or the four of us (you already know) can go somewhere together =) No travel plans as of yet.

    • yuki yuki says:

      Well, it’s super cheap trip, so I’ll have to leave Duffy outfits for 2012 or 2013. I’ll definitely be bringing him along though.

      And yeah, the hotel is just for me. I’ll be staying at Pop Century again. If you stay at the All Stars Resorts, it’s a 20% off discount. Staying at a moderate resort, you get 30% off, and staying at deluxe gets you 40% off. So yeah, it’s any hotel. The best deal is definitely Pop and the other places are just too pricey, and I don’t really want to stay at the All Stars.

      Yeah, to just browse stores or just linger and look at stuff for as long as I like? That sounds really nice. I loved just sitting down and watching stuff happen on my trip, but Andrew would be like, “Ok, where to next?”. I could tell he didn’t want to stay in one place for too long.

      And ofcourse we’ll be going on a trip just the 4 of us! Maybe a Vegas trip! I’ve been wanting to go back so much. I hear Easter Weekend is a great time to go.

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