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So sleeeeeeeeeeeepy

Still at work right now. Feeling really sleepy. Probably because I didn’t get much sleep last night. Shift ends at 9:30 and still have some work to do. I think I’ll make tonight an early night. I’m starting to fall …

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Getting fit

That’s one of my goals for….uh……me. Ok, to be frank, that was one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2010. It………worked for a bit…….but then I lost motivation and gained like 10 lbs instead. But because of that extra gain, …

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Day 1


Princess Challenge-Favourite movie While my favourite Disney movie is Aladdin, I can’t say that’s my favourite princess movie. This isn’t easy cause I just watched Tangled and LOVED IT, but I also really liked Princess and the Frog. In the …

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Let’s get this meme party started!

For the lulz, I’ll be doing more than one 30 day meme AT THE SAME TIME. Ok, just 3 cause 3′s my favourite number. The memes I’ll be doing are the Disney princess challenge, just a regular old 30 day …

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This is the first post

Hello world and welcome to Yuki’s magnificient awesomeriffic blog! In this blog, you’ll be able to find a wide and very random assortment of babblings. Basically anything I want to talk about. Oh, you want me to be more specific? …

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Et voila!


My very first blog on my very first website thingy! A lot will change until I’m fully satisfied with this look. It’s pretty bland, so expect change. It’ll always have some green though. I think I need something that allows …

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