I love lipstick

I used to like gloss, because that stuff is so easy to get and as a little girl, still appropriate. But of course, I was never in love with the sticky feeling of it and how easily it came off. …

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My first taste of BB Cream


I’ve gone and done it. After hearing some of my friends discuss it in our many chain emails, I’ve gone and picked up a tube. I mean, I heard it was a popular Korean cream that actually helps improve your …

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Halloween and Bathday


It’s about time, I know! First off, because it’s Remembrance Day up here in the Great White North (pretty presumptuous of us to call ourselves that as if there aren’t other northern nations out there), I must say thanks to …

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NYC 2011-A CityPass tour: Day 1 pt.3


At this point, I just want to say that I learned my lesson from our Montreal trip and took a LOT MORE photos of the two of us together. I think YC mastered it during our zoo trip! I’m still …

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What a date! <3


Yesterday, YC and I went on an awesome date DAY. Not just night! We had breakfast at Cora’s, spent the day at the Toronto Zoo, then had dinner at Red Lobster. The weather was really nice and although it was …

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Montreal a go! Pt.7


This next ecosystem was just a giant room with a cliff side, TONS of seagulls and a large pond/lake thing. It was beautiful. Oh yeah, McDuff wants in He also wanted to try out this telescope, which turned out to …

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Sanuk yoga mat flip flops & Tetley liquid Infushions


It’s official. These flip flops are the BEST THING I’ve ever bought for my feet. Yes, in this blue colour too. I actually painted my nails blue cause I was so inspired by these. They are very sturdy flip flops …

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Montreal a go! Pt.6


In a little nook, there was teeny little creature out on a branch, grooming himself. We took a LOT of pictures but was never able to get a good one. Extremely cute thing it was. This took all the zoom …

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