Halloween and Bathday


It’s about time, I know! First off, because it’s Remembrance Day up here in the Great White North (pretty presumptuous of us to call ourselves that as if there aren’t other northern nations out there), I must say thanks to …

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NYC 2011-A CityPass tour: Day 1 pt.1


Now for the trip report I have promised y’all! (And mostly to the DIS) Get ready for my jam-packed vacation to New York, New York! This is a trip I have been wanting to take for a long time, much …

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Montreal a go! Pt.8


After our fun morning at the Biodome, we were ready to get our grub on! Montreal is known for 2 foods. Smoked meat and poutine! On this trip, we were only able to try their poutine. What is poutine, you …

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Montreal a go! Pt.7


This next ecosystem was just a giant room with a cliff side, TONS of seagulls and a large pond/lake thing. It was beautiful. Oh yeah, McDuff wants in He also wanted to try out this telescope, which turned out to …

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Montreal a go! Pt.6


In a little nook, there was teeny little creature out on a branch, grooming himself. We took a LOT of pictures but was never able to get a good one. Extremely cute thing it was. This took all the zoom …

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Montreal a go! Pt.5


These next few posts will be heavy on pictures. Most of the time, it was just too darn cold to write anything down, so I’ll have to rely on pictures to tell my tale. Our second day started off bright …

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Montreal a go! Pt.4


The restaurant we ate at was called Holder. If you looked at their menu’s cover page, you would not have thought this place was as fancy as it is. I was about to take a picture of it, but I …

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Montreal a go! Pt.3


Around 10:30am, we reached our first pit stop (potty break as I called it) in Morrisburg! We still haven’t figured out whether we’re in Quebec yet or not. My guess was we weren’t. This was too far from our knowledge …

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