Hong Kong Disneyland menus- As of March 2014


I now hold a Magic Access card (Annual Pass) to Hong Kong Disneyland and will try to contribute to the internet as much as I can! I spent a day talking pictures of the menus of restaurants and snack stands …

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Hate is such a strong word


I tried out Starbuck’s Protein Bistro Box. I’ve been wanting to try this for YEARS now. I don’t think I’ve made it clear in this blog, but I LOVE STARBUCKS. Now that I’m reading ‘Onwards’ by the CEO of Starbucks, …

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Halloween and Bathday


It’s about time, I know! First off, because it’s Remembrance Day up here in the Great White North (pretty presumptuous of us to call ourselves that as if there aren’t other northern nations out there), I must say thanks to …

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NYC 2011-A CityPass tour: Day 1 pt.3


At this point, I just want to say that I learned my lesson from our Montreal trip and took a LOT MORE photos of the two of us together. I think YC mastered it during our zoo trip! I’m still …

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NYC 2011-A CityPass tour: Day 1 pt.1


Now for the trip report I have promised y’all! (And mostly to the DIS) Get ready for my jam-packed vacation to New York, New York! This is a trip I have been wanting to take for a long time, much …

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What a date! <3


Yesterday, YC and I went on an awesome date DAY. Not just night! We had breakfast at Cora’s, spent the day at the Toronto Zoo, then had dinner at Red Lobster. The weather was really nice and although it was …

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Montreal a go! Pt.8


After our fun morning at the Biodome, we were ready to get our grub on! Montreal is known for 2 foods. Smoked meat and poutine! On this trip, we were only able to try their poutine. What is poutine, you …

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Lasagna-style Spinach and Chicken casserole


It’s time for a Yuki original recipe!!! *applause* This is my first time posting up a recipe so bear with me. I pretty much get the format cause I’m on recipe sites A LOT. Now, for a little background on …

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